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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

Many homeowners throughout the Lone Star State use their garage doors as the main entrance for their homes and businesses.

Because of this, the door’s daily opening and closing cycles occur multiple times throughout the day, forcing the springs to lift and lower.

But what happens when your garage door is glued to the ground one day due to a broken spring?

Understanding the Influence of Your Garage Door Spring

Every residential and commercial garage door system is a sum of its parts.

Multiple things go into keeping that system working for your home or business, and your garage door spring plays a significant role in your garage’s power and continued functions.

There are two main types of springs for a garage door: torsion springs & extension springs!

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Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the most common spring option for the average garage door as they use torque or twisting to function.

This spring option is very sturdy and reliable as it generally offers long-lasting solutions.

These options come in many different lengths and sizes, although some prefer extended lifespan torsion springs as they provide over four times the life span of basic torsion springs.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are most commonly mounted on the sides of your garage door tracks.

These spring systems are usually chosen for garage spaces with low headroom, making it difficult to install torsion springs.

Extension springs will extend and contract to balance and lift your garage door in one cycle.

The more extension springs are used for opening and closing, the more it is exposed to wear.

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Did Your Garage Door Springs Break?

Most garage doors will require general maintenance, repairs, and replacement of parts over time.

But a broken garage door springs can mean an unequal distribution of your door’s weight and can be a very dangerous situation, resulting in injury or even death.

Our DFW garage door company has the special tools and qualities for tending to broken garage door springs, but it is essential you can identify when your spring is broken.

Common Causes of Spring Breaks

Broken garage door springs are not just a result of a heavy garage door; there are many reasons your garage door parts can break down.

Residents in San Antonio often see garage door springs break due to cold weather conditions, which results in the need for repairs or replacement.

Remaining informed and aware of these issues may help deter your torsion or extension springs from snapping.

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Garage Door Spring Rusting

An extension and torsion spring can be exposed to rust, resulting in a spring break.

This is especially true living in Texas, as the humidity and moisture affect almost every aspect of residents’ everyday lives.

It is one of the most common calls for garage door repair and spring replacement services.

Basic Wear Can Cause a Broken Spring

Most springs are used at least five times a day to access your car, home, or business.

Because your extension or torsion spring is responsible for your door opening and closing – sheer everyday use can cause their materials to wear down.

Lack of Proper Maintenance

Just like the rest of your garage door parts, everything needs a little love sometimes.

Your spring needs care to avoid becoming a broken one, and avoiding your spring’s annual maintenance needs can result in a catastrophe.

poor quality garage door springs and installation

Poor Installation

The installation of your extension and torsion spring is a critical element influencing their everyday functions.

If those springs aren’t installed properly, it can be detrimental to the system.

This can affect the cables’ lifting, lowering, general operations, and other garage door mechanisms.

The Texas Elements

The weather, moisture in the air, extreme heat, and cold temperatures can significantly affect your springs.

Garage door services in Austin and other areas of Texas often see issues with an unsteady foundation due to the instability in the ground seen throughout the state.

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When to Consider Garage Door Spring Replacement?

No one uses a door with a broken spring as it poses a significant risk to the user and oftentimes won’t work properly or at all.

Replacing your springs is often the best choice, and with Ben’s Garage Door’s affordable solutions and service coupons – it may be time to examine things further with our professional technicians.

Gap in Garage Door Springs

One of the most simple ways to identify broken springs is by checking for a system gap because everything should always be connected!

Garage Door Opens Crooked

Garage door opening and closing should be a standard function, but a broken torsion spring will cause significant issues for your operations.

This can cause your garage doors to droop on one side or the other due to unequal weight distribution.

Garage Door Opener Isn’t Responding

A broken spring can induce your garage door motor to work on overdrive, and the opener may not respond when you attempt to open or close the garage door.

Instead of using your garage door opener, you will need to manually open your door to access the area with the safety cable pulley system.

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Garage Doors Fall Quickly

Proper springs will ensure your garage door opens and closes seamlessly.

When those springs require repairs or replacement, your door may come crashing down.

Bent Garage Doors

A broken spring can cause the top portion or panels of your doors to bend, signifying the system is broken.

Loud Noise

The snapping or breaking of an extension and torsion spring is loud.

If you hear a loud noise, it is wise to contact our garage door professionals for inspection!

glass door cables repair

Loose Cables

A door with a broken spring can lead to larger problems, and they can loosen your cables, and you may notice some slack from your ceiling.

Premier Garage Door Spring Replacements & Repairs

Ben’s Garage Door Service offers unlimited support when your spring breaks, options to replace with optimal spring warranty options, and general garage door repair.

Every garage door system is unique, and that is why our technicians offer a free consultation and quote for your spring repair or replacement services!

Broken Spring Garage Door Problems FAQs

Can I use my garage door with broken springs?

Prioritizing your own safety should always be at the forefront of your mind, even when experiencing a broken garage door spring.

It is not recommended to use your garage when the spring is damaged or broken.

garage door spring life cycle

What is the usual life expectancy of torsion springs?

A torsion spring can last up to 20,000 life cycles, with one life cycle being the lifting and lowering of your garage door.

The spring can last 7 to 12 years, similar to extension springs.

Is one spring enough for my garage door?

Having the proper tools and systems in place for your system is essential for a functional space.

One spring isn’t always enough to balance the heavy weight it has to bear.

But two springs are always better than one to balance and distribute the door’s weight equally!

broken torsion spring replacement

Can garage door springs be too strong?

If your springs are too big, they offer more strength than is necessary for your garage and will apply too much force during operations.

Whether you are installing new garage doors or replacing the springs for your current door, working with the pros at Ben’s Garage Door Service offers complete peace of mind!

Can I replace my own garage door springs?

Keep in mind that your springs have to pull all of the weight off your garage door, and replacing things on your own may result in additional need for repair and severe injuries.

It is always better to contact a reliable garage door contractor in Houston, Dallas, or wherever you are located in Texas!

garage door spring lubrication and maintenance

How often do garage door springs require maintenance?

Your springs need lubrication and care to prevent added tension and rusting problems.

Committing to regular maintenance can help you save money on avoidable repairs and replacements.

Most technicians advise clients to receive inspections and maintenance at least twice annually!

Access High-Quality Support for Your Garage Door Springs

Don’t allow a broken extension or torsion spring to cause unnecessary stress in your life.

If you need spring repair or replacement, our garage technicians are the leading experts in our industry.

We prioritize our client’s security and work tirelessly to offer reliable and efficient service!

Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and our recent customer reviews uphold the reputation we have created.

Contact Ben’s Garage Door Service to Restore Your Space Safely

Choosing Ben’s Garage Door Service provides a free quote on spring repair services, experienced technicians, and excellent replacements with a spring lifetime warranty in any of our service areas.

Our team of professionals can help restore and transform your garage back into a safe and comfortable space!

We provide excellent support for commercial and residential garage door springs and elite options for spring breaks, replacement, and garage door repair.

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