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Garage Door Insulation

Texas is a place that runs hot and stays humid, but it can reveal cool temperature levels and significant storms, which greatly affect local homeowners and businesses.

Not all properties and garage doors are created equally, so to ensure yours are protected, most residents look to insulation to provide a barrier, security, and comfort.

A Good Garage Door is an Insulated Garage Door

Insulated doors are a must-have in DFW, Houston, ATX, and across the state. However, locating the right garage door professionals to assist with the project is vital to a successful insulation project.

Ben’s Garage Door Service offers a selection of insulation options for your residential and commercial garage doors to enhance and protect your property.

Insulating your garage door is a great way to keep the doors and interior garage space in good condition all year round, especially in winter.

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Discover the Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

There are many excellent advancements an insulated garage door can add to your home or business.

Ben’s Garage Door Service understands how essential it is to avoid heat loss to save money on heating and cooling, protect your garage door and its components, and elevate the comfort of your location.

We can insulate garage doors in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and the San Antonio metro area!

Insulated Doors Offer the Best Energy Efficiency

Insulated garage doors significantly impact your monthly energy bills and effectively ramp up your property’s energy efficiency.

The R-value of this new insulation indicates your level of protection from heat and cold. This is great to complete during a new garage door installation project!

This way, you don’t have to purchase a garage door insulation kit later on down the line after it has been subjected to the elements and other external factors that could negatively impact the structure.

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Garage Door Insulation Makes Your Door More Durable

A garage door without insulation is only a single layer, leaving it vulnerable to damage. Even with a detached garage that does not feed into the home, your door panels are continuously exposed to everything within the natural world.

With access to premium insulated garage doors, you are strengthening the doors and protecting the structure from possible harm,

Purchasing professional insulation helps to avoid those surprise garage door repair projects. It lets you remain at ease in your space, knowing you have a durable, functional, and reliable garage door!

Garage Door Insulation Kits Reduce Noise

Noise isn’t the first thing people think of with garage doors, but when you have rooms above the space, many homeowners consider a quiet garage door opener.

An insulated garage door does the trick, too! The insulation’s thickness helps reduce noise vibrations and adds a barrier against outside noises from the street or neighbors.

insulation increases your garage door opener lifespan

Insulation Will Increase the Lifespan of Your New Garage Door

A garage door’s lifespan depends on the different types of materials, styles, upkeep, and wear. Many parts are working together to keep the whole unit in operation.

Sometimes, users deal with garage spring repairs, doors falling off track, etc., but tending to these factors helps maintain your garage door’s functions.

Garage door insulation helps to defend the structure from the Texas elements, winter weather, summer rays, storms, and general wear!

Businesses & Homeowners Have Comfort and Convenience Insulation

Insulating your garage doors will pay off because you will always retain a sense of comfort, safety, and security.

These feelings are all things that a vast majority of us are searching for, and gaining that sense of security is completely priceless.

The temperature is never too hot or cold, and when installing insulation with Ben’s Garage Door Service, our team offers a lifetime warranty alongside the manufacturers!

With an insulated garage door, if you are using your garage to store your car, general storage, a workspace, gym, or even as an additional living space, you can rest assured the insulation has been curated for your location and will help to maintain your comfort and a sense of stability.

Professional Garage Door Insulation texas

Our Professional Garage Door Insulation Kit Adds to the Value of Your Property

Garage door insulation kits are often sold at general home improvement stores, online, and other retail shops, but they do not carry the kind of power that Ben’s Garage Door Service ensures for our customers.

With your newly insulated garage door, you have instantly added to the value of your TX home or business! The insulation is a great selling point for potential buyers because it is an additional layer of defense and less maintenance for the subsequent owners.

Choosing Your Garage Door Insulation

Whether you are interested in San Antonio garage insulation because you are remodeling and want to upgrade your external spaces, have seen an increase in your energy bills, or simply want something to support your garage panels and structure through its lifetime – choosing the right insulate is critical. There are many options available for the modern garage door!

Spray Foam Options

Spray foam may seem old school, but it is still used nationwide as a form of insulation. The foam is very thick and can provide an R-value of up to 3.9!

It is quick and easy to install, and while it doesn’t make sense for everyone, it remains a valid option for garage door installation.

foam board system in texas

Foam Board Systems

While this is a thin and relatively rigid option for insulating your garage door or walls, it is still a legitimate option for home and business owners. Foam board is known for providing consistent and continuous insulation for garages!

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose can be sprayed on during installation and provides highly efficient insulation, but the material has a difference in pricing, known as one of the more expensive insulate options.

Polyurethane Insulate

Polyurethane has become increasingly popularized because it is highly effective. This insulation option adheres directly to the garage door and will get into every nook and cranny, providing a rating of R10 and up to R17.5!

A similar option, polystyrene, is installed in sheets but can be customized to fit your garage door. Polystyrene has an insulation rating of R7 to R10.

Polyurethane Insulate services in texas

Reflective Options

Reflective insulate is created using foil blanket layers. These reflective layers are meant to reduce moisture and regulate temperatures. It will proactively deter heat within the garage and is excellent when used in hotter climates!

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is known as one of the more affordable garage door insulation options. There is some controversy linked to this option, especially when left exposed, as it can irritate your respiratory system.

Understanding How to Insulate for Garage Door Protection

Finding the most functional for your garage door, windows, and space is essential to protection – the perfect fit isn’t going to be suitable for every garage space.

Defending your home or business and keeping the property in good condition are among the many responsibilities of ownership.

That is why we offer coupons for garage services! We run special offers year-round to support our residential and commercial clients through any garage door project.

is it worth to insulate garage door in texas?

Is a high insulating value the best for my garage door?

An R-value is a measurement used, and the higher the R-value, the better the climate control and energy efficiency for your garage door – plus, it comes with a higher installation price.

But you don’t always need the highest R-value to properly secure your garage door and walls because different parts of Texas have other projected averages.

The further South you go in the state, the higher the R-value.

  • Southern Texas suggests an R-value of 1 or 2; sometimes, less insulate is more.
  • The middle of TX suggests an R-value of 3.
  • The Northernmost top of the state requires an R-value of 4.

What kind of insulation is best in Texas?

In hot climates like Austin and throughout Texas, the environment is a significant factor when insulating your garage.

Paying attention to the R-value and materials and working closely with your garage technicians to determine the most suitable insulation will help unveil the perfect pick.

Most hot and humid climates benefit from the following insulation options:

  • Reflective.
  • Polyurethane.
  • EPS.
  • Radiant barriers.

best garage door insulation solutions in texas

Can I insulate my garage door by myself?

You can pick up a generic garage door insulation kit at retail stores to install things yourself. 

Still, if you aren’t sure how to correctly complete installation you could end up with air gaps and suffer the additional price of repairs as a result.

It is better to rely on garage door professionals for these intricate processes as we have the knowledge, experience, and awareness required for a seamless, stress-free installation.

Ben’s Garage Door Service is always available for a consultation, so instead of trying things on your own – review the areas we service so you are never left alone when considering garage door insulation options.

Can the insulation make my garage door too heavy?

For most insulation options, your door should not be affected. However, some forms of insulation, like foam boards and spray insulations, can weigh down your door, which requires the garage door to be weighed for new springs and other components. Most insulators should not weigh down your garage or affect its performance.

Hire Texas Garage Door Professionals to Install the Perfect Insulation

Ben’s Garage Door Service is a licensed and insured garage door company creating solutions for the modern Texas resident and business owner.

In doing so, our family-owned business is devoted to yours, and we will always ensure everything is the perfect fit to proceed with new insulation!

Check out what our customers have to say about our door insulation, effective repair options, and new garage door installation solutions, and contact our garage specialists for a free quote and consultation on your new insulated garage door!

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