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Garage Door Openers

Behind all great machines is an operating system, the brains behind their operations, something that signals go, keeps things up and running so the user doesn’t have to worry about it.

But with all of the excellent conveniences of life that technology has brought to the modern world, things don’t always run smoothly, and it can take some troubleshooting and changes along the way.

Garage door openers are the intelligence behind your residential and commercial garage doors, but when a fuse is blown, you lose power, or the remote system doesn’t seem to be opening your doors, turn to the trusted technicians at Ben’s Garage Door Service offers a resolution for repairs or replacing!

liftmaster the most popular garage door opener
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Be in the Know: The Most Common Garage Door Opener Malfunctions

When something isn’t quite right with your garage door opener, finding the culprit or source of your problems is only one side of the coin; fixing it is the other.

Ben’s provides efficient and affordable garage repairs alongside free inspections to troubleshoot what is going on with your opening mechanism.

An array of things can happen within your garage door openers. 

Still, there are a few problems that businesses and homeowners throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, ATX & Houston seem to experience more than others.

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Issues Opening and Closing Your Garage Door

Garage doors are there to open and close, and when your garage door opener isn’t signaling the door to complete either function, it can quickly become a frustrating situation.

When your garage door opener isn’t working as it usually should, it can interfere with life, work, and your schedule, so troubleshooting and repairing things as quickly as possible to regain access safely is critical.

Your garage door and opening device are supposed to make your life more convenient, so when things stop working, your garage door opener could be the primary source of the issues.

With Ben’s, the client’s satisfaction comes first, and regaining access to your garage is essential; just look at our past customer reviews!

safety sensors by liftmaster
Image from Liftmaster website

Blocked Safety Sensors

When your garage opener isn’t responding to your remote control or keypad prompts, look closer at the safety sensors, which may be blocked or covered.

Many sensor options are located close to the ground, which means they attract dirt and debris, which can get in the reader’s way, or the antenna may have fallen out of alignment, which is fixed with a quick realignment.

Broken or Damaged Torsion Springs

If your garage door opener isn’t capable of lifting and lowering the door, the opener may not be a problem at all.

Garage door springs play a fundamental role in the system, but over time, they are subjected to wear, and cold weather can actually cause the springs to snap.

While this seems like something that will be obvious, you aren’t always going to hear a pop when the snapping occurs, but you will likely end up with an unfunctional garage door.

Ben’s garage door experts offer quick, easy broken spring repairs to get your doors back on track!

Rusted Rollers

Rusting happens, especially in Austin and areas throughout Texas, and your rollers are highly susceptible to this.

Sometimes, they just need to be cleaned and lubricated, but other times – replacement is the only option.

garage door cable repair

Snapped Cables

Inoperable garage door openers and a door falling off its tracks can land you in quite a pickle past the point of repair.

Snapped cables can flip the switch just as easily.

When this happens, the user has to pull for manual opening and closing options when your garage door opener’s usual functions have been disrupted.

But if your cables snap, installing new cables can fix the issue quickly!

Strange or Unusual Noises

Grinding, squealing, whirring, or any noise not associated with your garage door openers usually signals the need for repair and inspection as soon as possible!

Issues with Access to Keypad

Like a remote, your keypad is another option for entry and offers security for garage door openers. If your keypad isn’t working, it is usually just a syncing issue!

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Remote Control Transmitter Problems

Garage door openers transmit information to your garage door, and your remote control transmits to the opening mechanism.

However, when there is a block in the transmission, things won’t operate as they usually do.

Try to replace the batteries in your remote, but if that doesn’t fix things, contact Ben’s technicians for a professional inspection.

power disruptions repair in texas

Power Disruptions

Power outages and electrical issues inevitably affect your wall switch, garage door openers, and other lights or electronics throughout the property.

Checking the breaker to restore power is the first step to regaining control over the situation, and often, you will need to pull the release cord to re-engage the opening mechanisms.

Garage Door Opener Motor Breaks Down

All garage door openers utilize some type of motor for everyday operations, but the internal parts of your garage door openers will require replacement over time.

Motors can last up to 20 years, but if you notice the motor making a strange sound of gears grinding and whirring or are suddenly deprived of the ability to control the operations of your door, you probably need a professional opinion.

At Ben’s, we offer a variety of garage service coupons when replacement parts are needed to control the features and functions of your garage door openers!

new garage door installations in texas

New Garage Door Opener Install Vs. Repairs

Choosing to replace or fix your garage door openers is a tale as old as time for businesses and homeowners alike in Texas and nationwide.

You can’t always unplug your opener and plug things back in again, and sometimes repairs aren’t enough to gain all the features and conveniences you want out of your garage door systems.

It is likely time to replace your garage door opener if you have noticed any of the following:

  • Old and aging systems that are outdated.
  • Technologies do not provide the range of services you want from your garage system.
  • Continual problems and breakdowns.
  • Unreliable functions, etc.

Ben’s Garage Door Services offers repairs and door opener replacement in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas!

cost of liftmaster garage door opener

How much does it usually cost to install garage door openers?

The average cost of new garage door opener installation can range from $200 to $500, with the most typical costs falling somewhere in the middle at $375.

And don’t forget to ask about the lifetime warranties we make available to protect our customers and the investments they make in their homes.

chain drive vs belt openers

Is a chain or belt drive system better?

  • Chain drives are mighty garage door openers; they can open hefty doors and are affordable and highly functional but incredibly noisy.
  • Belt drives are a reliable opener device, providing quiet operations and remaining easy and convenient to operate, but they are more expensive than the latter.

Neither mechanism is superior, and securing the most suitable option for your place is the secret.

Browse our service areas to schedule a free quote and consultation for your new garage door openers!

Why isn’t my garage door closing?

There are a number of reasons your garage door isn’t closing correctly; it has fallen off track, broken springs, hardware or screws are loose, etc.

But troubleshooting shouldn’t be something home or business owners are responsible for when a problem arises.

This is when turning to the garage door installers at Ben’s Garage Door Service comes in handy – our crew can inspect the problem, review solutions, and resolve the issue seamlessly!

garage door motor repair texas

How can I know if my garage door opener’s motor is going bad?

Your garage door opener’s motor must be in pristine working order for the mechanism to run correctly, but when something goes wrong, Ben’s garage door opener repair in DFW is always ready to save the day!

But any of the following could be a sign of a failing motor:

  • Strange noises.
  • Door rising slowly.
  • Garage door gets stuck.
  • Functions aren’t consistent.
  • Your door opens and closes without being prompted,

Contact Our Garage Door Opener Professionals

When your residential or commercial garage door openers can’t do their job, call in the experts to restore balance and security.

Ben’s Garage Door Service offers free estimates and inspections on repairs, replacement, and installation for garage door openers!

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