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Garage Door Service

Immediate Solutions for Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors are often used as the entrance to our homes; they are the protectors and barriers of our spaces, and they even assist in functional everyday business operations.

When those garage doors malfunction, it can become a significant problem in your life, even detrimental to businesses.

Ben’s Garage Door Service is there to provide our expertise when you need a general repair or garage doors replaced, and it is our privilege to service Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, & Austin, Texas areas!

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Modern Garage Door Services for Contemporary Communities

Our garage door technicians are highly skilled, licensed, and insured, offer great customer service and same-day service calls, and maintain a reputation as a reputable company in Texas.

Life is busy, it can be hectic, and it can even be messy – and when things get crazy, expect our professional garage door experts to provide a helping hand.

We supply modern solutions for your house or business and are dedicated to quick, efficient, customized garage door solutions!

Support for Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

Whether you need a fix for your home’s garage doors or hope to replace your current commercial garage door – Ben’s Garage Door Services can guarantee fast and reliable support with certified specialists.

It’s our pleasure to be a part of elevating homes and their curb appeal while upgrading features and functions for commercial properties, too!

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Typical Garage Door Service Needs in DFW

There is no “one garage door that fits all” scenario.

Everyone has different needs, problems, and levels of concern because many things can go wrong with your garage door.

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Garage Door Repair Options for Any Problem

Garage door repair is always the answer when your doors aren’t closing correctly, things look lopsided, or everything breaks down entirely.

Ben’s Garage Door Services sees garage door repair as more than a job.

We are a locally owned, family-run company committed to offering excellent garage door repair options to Texas homeowners and business owners.

Our garage technicians offer free estimates and inspections on all repair requirements and reliable services in a timely manner!

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Garage Door Opener Issues

Garage door openers are the brains behind the machine; without a working garage door opener, the entire system is not functional.

We understand the frustration with garage door repair and aim to simplify and de-stress the process, even if that means installing something new!

Our garage experts offer repair options for all garage door openers.

  • Belt Drive Garage Door Openers.
  • Screw Drive Systems.
  • Chain Drive Garage Door Openers.
  • Direct Drive Openers.
  • Smart Garage Door Opener Systems.

Choosing a New Garage Door

When garage door repair isn’t enough, a new door is sometimes your best option.

And with new garage doors come options to upgrade your home’s exteriors, safety, and security!

Ben’s licensed garage techs will walk you through the process, provide brand options and cost-friendly doors, and tailor the project to your needs.

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Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs carry your door’s weight, so stability is key for a safe environment.

The professionals at Ben’s supply spring repair and replacements to keep your household safe!

Garage Door Cable Assistance

Your cables work in tandem with your springs to help the system lift and lower effortlessly.

When those cables aren’t operating efficiently, our team is there to offer support in making the required repairs to secure your space!

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Get Your Garage Door Back On Track

A garage door falling off track is one of the more common repair needs.

And even though it seems extreme and dangerous, Ben’s Garage Door professionals are there to get things back on track!

Understanding Your Garage Door Service

Can I complete my own garage door repairs?

Your garage is a complex system, and whether you are in Dallas or Austin, troubleshooting and fixing things alone is never a safe idea.

Leaning on a professional to fix your problem gives residents security in what is being repaired and a lifetime warranty for the project. 

It allows you to invest in something that protects your family or employees.

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Is routine maintenance necessary for my garage doors?

Most professional garage door companies will recommend you commit to maintenance for your garage door and its parts at least a couple of times annually to avoid costly repairs.

When should I consider a new garage door installation?

Choosing to install a new garage door can feel intimidating, but there are a few signs you should look out for to solidify the job is necessary:

  • If your garage door has surpassed its expected age.
  • When there is extensive damage or consistent repair costs.
  • You notice higher energy costs.
  • If you want to renovate and update your home!

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Is garage door insulation important?

Insulating your garage door is something to remember if you replace your current door or need to make updates.

The insulation will help regulate your garage space’s temperature, lower energy bills, and reduce outdoor noise.

Contact the Leading Source for Garage Door Repair Needs in Dallas, Fort Worth

Calling Ben’s Garage Door Services guarantees a fast, reliable solution from the best in the industry.

As a family-owned business, we take pride in the reputation we have developed, and through the relationships we have developed with our customers and their families, we continue to provide support through any garage-related inquiry!

Commercial or Residential Garage Doors, Request a Free Estimate Today!

Our licensed experts are available around the clock and provide free quotes on all service requests.

Contact Ben’s Garage Door Services for assistance with garage door repairs, replacements, installation, and maintenance service options!

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