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New Garage Doors

Garage doors act as protectors, defenders, and even accents to our homes and businesses.

But to fulfill these roles, they must also remain reliable and functional!

It may be time to consider a change when your garage door is aging, breaking down, or doesn’t suit your current property.

new garage door installation services texas

Transform Your Space with a New Garage Door

A new set of garage doors can dramatically transform your space, curb appeal, and overall appearance.

You can switch to steel garage doors or wood garage doors and add windows and insulation to upgrade your space!

Dependable Operation at an Affordable Price

When garage door repairs aren’t enough, Ben’s Garage Door Service offers cost-friendly garage door installation throughout the Lone Star state!

Evaluating Your Options with Garage Door Experts

Whether you have a set of broken springs, are sick of the door styles on your carriage house, or simply want to invest in more reliable garage door options – Ben’s technicians have various options to enhance your home or business!

garage door cost in texas

What is the average garage door cost?

The final price of your garage door depends on the material you choose, the size of the garage doors, how many doors you are replacing, etc.

Ben’s Garage Door Service offers free estimates before you sign off on the project to ensure your costs are within your budget range!

Purchasing New Doors at the Right Price

Most garage doors in Texas cost anywhere from $1,200 and extend over $5,500, but our experts will ensure the price is right and that you are installing the perfect garage doors for your property!

Should I replace my garage door opener when installing a new door?

It is optional to buy garage door openers when you install new doors.

But It Doesn’t Hurt to Consider Opener Replacement, Too

But with our garage coupons, you can find deals for any garage door service!

new glass garage door texas

Is insulation essential to consider?

Garage door insulation will enhance the durability of your garage and protect it from the TX heat and cold. 

It is crucial to keep in mind when you choose your garage doors.

Advantages of Insulation for Your Garage Doors

  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Quiet operations.
  • Durable doors.
  • Comfortable spaces.
  • Better resale value.
  • Temperature controls.

new garage door texas

How does a home’s style impact garage doors?

The design of your home or property will significantly impact your garage door installation process.

A carriage house will not use the same garage material and style as a modern build.

Common Style for DFW Businesses & Homeowners

  • Wood garage doors
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Steel garage doors
  • Glass options and more

Who are the best manufacturers of garage doors?

There are many manufacturers to choose from, all of which make beautiful garage doors.

Working with our team of garage specialists, we will help you choose the right manufacturer for your installation and offer a wide selection of top-tier options!

The Ultimate Brand Options

garage door replacement services in texas

Can I try replacing my own garage door?

You should never attempt to install your own garage door as it is dangerous; you need knowledge and the skill set to complete the project.

Dangers of DIY Garage Door Replacement

Attempting to replace your own set of garage doors comes with its own set of unique challenges:

  • Safety risks.
  • Lack of tools and experience.
  • Additional costs.
  • Home or property damages.
  • Voided warranty.

What garage doors are best to increase property security?

Sectional garage doors are currently the best option to increase your commercial building or home security, and they provide that classic swing-open appearance!

Durable Garage Solutions for Peace of Mind

Sectional garage installation in Austin also reduces energy costs as it keeps things well insulated, and steel garage doors are the best material for durability and protection.

Is a warranty included for the new door?

You should receive a warranty with your new doors:

  • One of which comes from the manufacturer.
  • The other is from your garage installers!

lifetime guarantee and warranty for your new garage door

Lifetime Warranties with Ben’s Garage Door Service

Our garage door professionals offer a lifetime warranty for garage doors, garage door repairs, etc.

How often is maintenance required for garage doors?

Most garage professionals suggest you commit to maintenance at least twice annually for your garage doors.

Benefits of Installing a New Garage Door

Throughout our TX service areas, we have seen several benefits that come with new installation and loads of satisfied residential and commercial customers!

Enhancing Beauty & Curb Appeal

With new steel, wood, or fiberglass doors, you will have a place that welcomes your friends, neighbors, and potential clients.

It immediately advances your curb appeal and elevates your property!

beautiful garage door will increase your home value

Increasing Property Value

New installation processes will help to increase the value of your home or commercial building if and when you decide to sell.

Superior Safety & Security

With new garage doors in San Antonio or anywhere across Texas, you will have access to strong, sturdy, and secure doors that increase the security of your home or business.

Energy Efficiency

Are you ready to save big on your energy bills?

Try a different garage door for size and watch your home or building’s energy efficiency increase alongside your comfort!

low maintenance garage door

Avoiding Continued Repairs & Maintenance

Opting for a new install helps you avoid needing continuous garage repair in Houston, Dallas, or otherwise.

You are instantly freed of the stressors that come with surprise breakdowns and won’t need to commit to constant upkeep.

Access Modern Garage Door Installation in Texas

At Ben’s Garage Door Service, we have a team of highly experienced and fully dedicated technicians and staff providing excellent customer service, high-quality manufacturing and material options, and transparent pricing for garage door installation projects.

Check out our client testimonials and see what they have to say about the leading garage door installation service in Texas!

Contact Ben’s Garage Door Service to Find the Perfect Garage Door for Your Home or Business

We are pleased to service Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, ATX, and the San Antonio areas as licensed and insured professionals.

Contact our garage door experts for a free quote on your new garage door today!

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