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Garage Door Repair Austin

Within the central region of Texas, tucked into hill country, is the gorgeous, quirky, and iconic city of Austin.

ATX has long been keeping things weird with a diverse population of over 960,000 people; it has officially climbed the ranks and been named the 10th largest city in the United States.

Austin, TX, is sometimes referred to as the DFW of Texas’ hill country as it is a central focus for young professionals, a sought-after location for living for people across the country, and a city with exponential opportunities if you are a creative, entrepreneur or just the average person looking for a fun environment for everyday life!

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Garage Door Repairs Providing Peace of Mind

Living and working in the city means tending to your home or commercial business, which is impossible without paying close attention to your garage doors.

Garage doors provide security, enhance and upgrade your curb appeal, offer convenience, and increase property value and overall comfort.

But when something is wrong with your garage doors, the garage door openers aren’t working, or general door repair and maintenance is required – local garage door services are the answer to all your problems!

Your Same-Day Service Call Answered

A broken-down garage door can create significant vulnerabilities in the security of your home or commercial property.

Ben’s Garage Door Service is committed to fast, affordable, professional garage door repair services in Austin, TX.

We are repair technicians passionate about supporting our community and expanding the horizons for homes and businesses across the city and surrounding areas.

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Emergency Garage Door Repair Solutions

There is never a convenient time to experience garage door emergencies, so when they arise, having a licensed garage door repair company that you can trust is critical.

Our emergency garage door repairs are available nights, weekends, and whenever you need them!

Ben’s Garage Door Services will quickly dispatch technicians to your location for a free quote and speedy resolution for your issues.

Licensed & Trustworthy Garage Door Technicians in Austin, TX

Locating a reliable garage door service within the local industry can feel overwhelming because there are often many garage door repair companies to choose from.

Ben’s makes things easy as we are not your average Austin garage door repair contractor.

Ben’s Garage Door Repair, Austin, TX, is a licensed, bonded, and insured professional who provides same-day service call response and quality garage door repairs!

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Things to Look Out for With Your Garage Doors

Garage doors are often used as just that – the main entrance to homes throughout Austin, Texas, and they are often utilized as equipment within business communities.

Without a fully functional garage door, you suddenly lose those capabilities and all the comforts and convenience that come with it.

These moments can fill you with frustration and even angst, but you don’t have to feel that way for long because with Ben’s garage door repair specialists in Austin, TX – our crew has your back with garage door repairs at a reasonable price!

We are there to identify the problem and offer an immediate solution, but knowing what could go wrong is important for businesses and homeowners throughout Texas.

Broken Spring Repair Services

Of all the garage door problems, a broken overhead door spring is one of the more dangerous situations.

Most door springs will last up to 15,000 cycles (a cycle being the opening and closing of your garage door).

Over time, they become worn and are exposed to the elements, and cold temperatures can cause the springs to weaken and snap.

Once a spring has snapped, there is no turning back; the garage door is essentially inoperable, and repairs are required urgently.

Ben’s offers high-quality broken spring repair with our licensed techs and lifetime warranties to ensure complete satisfaction for every customer!

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Garage Door Track Repairs

The tracks guide your garage door rollers up and down to carry the structure up and down when prompted adequately.

Sometimes, these tracks can become bent, misaligned, and even broken, causing the garage door to fall off the tracks physically!

There are some minor track repair services, and the damage is much more significant at other times. 

Either way, having legitimate garage door solutions on call answers your problem.

Ben’s Garage Door Service in Austin, TX, is the region’s best garage door repair company, offering both track repair and replacement services for residential and commercial clients!

Broken or Damaged Garage Door Cables

Your garage door cables are another essential component of the system as they work together with the springs and physically pull the weight of the garage.

Garage door cables in Austin, TX, can often be negatively affected by humidity and temperature fluctuations, which weakens the mechanisms causing them to break.

If your cables are broken, this can directly affect your springs, cause your garage door to get stuck, and the balance and stability of the door as well.

Ben’s is a locally owned company in Austin, ready to offer immediate repair solutions for your garage space!

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Safety Sensor Alignment

Your safety sensors are vital to your garage structure as they provide security when the garage is in use.

Safety sensors are there to stop your garage doors from shutting when something is blocking the sensors.

It is common for these sensors to become blocked due to dirt, debris, and even misaligned as they are typically located lower to the ground.

This means your garage doors will not function as they usually do.

As a family-owned business in Austin, TX, Ben’s Garage Door Service is dedicated to helping families and local businesses get their garages back in their regular working order by realigning their safety sensors!

This seems like a simple process, but there is more than meets the eye, and when you are dealing with any kind of safety features for your garage doors, it is best to contact the pros.

Garage Door Panel Repairs & Replacements

Storms, ice, sunlight, and just about every weather element and all temperatures are experienced throughout the lovely Austin, TX.

However, this means your garage door is also exposed to it.

Natural factors are not the only things that can negatively impact your garage door panels – this is exposed to cars, trucks, and other forms of transport.

It is not uncommon for garage door panels to become damaged due to an accident, or you may have children playing sports outside and end up tossing a basketball into the door.

Whatever the situation, when those panels are damaged, it can affect the way your garage doors operate. 

It should be inspected and repaired or entirely replaced by local garage door experts!

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Additional Supports for Garage Door Problems

A broken garage door isn’t the only problem that can arise with commercial and residential systems.

Some clients are interested in a new garage door, maintenance for commercial garage doors, installation of new Liftmaster openers, etc.

Ben’s Garage Door Service in Austin, TX, is dedicated to providing superior garage door repair, installation, replacement, insulation, and maintenance services to the community’s residents and commercial business owners.

Repair & Replacement of Garage Door Openers

General garage door repairs are necessary for all parts of your garage, and garage door openers are a massive part of the equation.

The opening mechanism is the brains behind the entire operation and should always run smoothly to guarantee security, safety, and comfort!

Ben’s technicians offer garage door repairs for opening systems and installation.

We provide the following service options:

  • Opener repairs for blocked sensors, electrical issues, motor problems, Wi-Fi connection, damaged springs, rollers, tracks, etc.
  • Replacement and/or installation of a new garage door opener.
  • Lifetime warranties for your new garage door openers in Austin, TX, for home and business owners!

garage door installation services in austin tx

Garage Door Installation Services

Your garage doors are likely the first thing you see when pulling into your driveway after the commute home from work; they create a barrier of protection for the household, a line of defense for local businesses in Austin, TX, and elevate the overall curb appeal of properties throughout the city.

When your garage doors aren’t providing the same level of convenience you are used to, have had continuous issues, or just aren’t living up to the aesthetic appearance you want to project for your home or business – a new garage door may be in your immediate future!

Ben’s Garage Door Service suggests a new garage door or garage doors when you notice any of the following signs:

  • If your garage doors are over 15 to 20 years old, it may be time to consider a replacement option.
  • Evaluate the extent of any current damages or wear with professionals licensed in garage door installation services. This actually allows you to take the time to weigh the pros and cons and further investigate your options.
  • If your garage door has consistently been making strange noises and vibrating when in use, it is likely time to consult with experts on the possibility of a new garage door installation.
  • Texas is known for its unsteady and shifting foundations, so if your home or commercial property already has significant structural issues due to foundation problems, count your garage doors in on the project and trust Ben’s technicians for your garage door installation project!
  • If you hope to create sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient options for your property, then replacing your garage doors can help you achieve those goals.
  • When your garage doors have been subject to the relentless and consistent need for garage door repairs, you should review your budget and compare the costs of repairs against replacement.
  • If your garage door isn’t enhancing the physical appearance of your home or business and you are undergoing a full-scale remodel or renovation, garage door replacement is a great way to upgrade your property’s curb appeal and value!

Garage Door Insulation Options

Insulating your new garage door or current garage doors in Austin, TX, is extremely important.

When you insulate garage doors, you strengthen them against the elements, cold winters, humidity, and high temperatures that hit ATX in the spring and summer months.

Ben’s Garage Door Service offers a wide selection of insulation options with varying R-values as we bring nothing but the best garage solutions to our residential and commercial clientele.

When you choose to insulate your garage doors, you will see the following advantages:

  • It helps to regulate the temperature of your garage, keeping things cooler in the summertime and warmer in the winter!
  • You can significantly reduce noise transfer from the street, passing traffic, pedestrians, neighbors, etc.
  • Insulation offers better energy efficiency for your property and will help to lower your monthly energy costs.
  • It offers a layer of protection, creating more durable solutions that help prevent the need for garage door repairs.
  • Reduce the possibility of air leaks.
  • Provides defense against storms, hail, snow, ice, and all of the elements experienced in Austin, Texas.

garage door in austin tx faqs

FAQs for Austin Garage Door Companies

Residents and business owners seek out local Austin garage door repair opportunities to upgrade their home’s curb appeal, maintain a functional space for their business, etc.

No matter why you are requesting garage door services, asking questions behind the scenes is normal to clarify the situation and your options as the project begins.

What happens when a garage door has fallen off track?

Even the perfect garage door has its downfalls; they are a part of complicated technical and electrical mechanisms that must work together simultaneously to ensure everything remains functioning.

Most people assume that when a garage door has fallen off its track, you end up with a broken garage door – but that doesn’t mean things stay broken forever.

While a garage door that has fallen off its tracks can be dangerous to the user, contacting professional garage door repair solutions in your area can offer the support you need to get everything back on track!

If you have a sneaking suspicion that your garage doors are off track, check for any of the following signs or symptoms:

  • The garage door will not properly open or close.
  • Operations have significantly slowed down.
  • Sagging on one side of the garage door.
  • Gaps where your garage door rollers usually meet the rail.
  • Noisy operations.

Why isn’t my garage door opener working?

There are quite a few different reasons that your garage door opener may not be working, and it doesn’t always mean that you should jump to conclusions and assume that a new garage door opener installation is required.

It could be something as simple as the batteries being dead or a sensor being blocked, causing safety features to kick in, preventing the opening and closing of your garage doors.

You can be experiencing any number of issues, but the more common issues residential and commercial owners experience are as follows:

  • Misaligned track or garage door off track, causing the garage door not to move.
  • Transmitter problems as there could be an interference from a neighboring unit on the same frequency, broken antenna, etc.
  • Broken springs can cause your garage door opener to stop working.
  • Invalid limit settings.
  • Motor burnout or other parts issues.

garage door cost in austin t

What is the average cost of garage door repair in Austin, TX?

Every garage door repair will differ in price depending on what is damaged or malfunctioning within your garage door, and sometimes, there is more than one issue that needs to be fixed.

Getting the best price for your garage door services will always be the priority.

Understanding that average cost or a baseline is most accessible by requesting estimates from skilled technicians in Austin, TX!

Your quote should outline an itemized list of labor, parts, and everything required to complete the repair, although most garage door repairs can range from $150 to $1,500.

What kind of maintenance is needed for my garage doors?

Preventative maintenance is necessary for every type of property, and garage door maintenance is a broad term that leaves businesses and homeowners in Austin, TX, wondering how to complete these services on their own accord.

With garage doors, there are many parts to cover for maintenance services:

  • A complete inspection of the garage door, garage door opener, and all inner workings.
  • Safety tests to ensure the door can open manually, mechanical reverse features, and balance is working.
  • Chain and belt services.
  • Spring and hardware services.
  • Cleaning of the garage door.
  • Changing the battery and bulb for the opener.
  • Roller inspection and lubrication.
  • Door adjustments and alignment.

Our garage service coupons provide deals for your garage space and even your next emergency garage door repair!

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How do I open my garage door manually if my garage door spring is broken?

You can use your garage door manually even if your spring breaks, although it should always be approached cautiously, and it isn’t recommended.

This is not something that a garage door company would suggest because once a garage door spring has snapped, your garage door’s weight and balance are unstable.

Instead of attempting it yourself, contact Ben’s Garage Door Service in Austin, TX, for same-day service for your broken spring repair!

Contact Ben’s Garage Door Service in Austin, TX, for Your Local Garage Door Solutions

We are a locally owned business run by a family that is proud to service Austin and the surrounding areas!

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Exceptional Service

Check out our recent customer reviews from local residential and commercial garage door clients throughout the Austin, TX, area!

Anita D. San Marcos, TXThey saved us after our garage door spring broke!

“Our garage door springs broke at the worst time following the frigid conditions that come with the winter months.

I called Ben’s Garage Door Service, who showed up promptly to review and inspect the damages.

They provided a free estimate on site, which was reasonably priced, and had my garage door springs before noon the same day!”

Anita D. San Marcos, TX

Ricki N. Barton Creek, TXBen’s helped us install affordable commercial garage doors!

“I own a business in downtown Austin, TX, and our garage doors are a significant part of our daily operations.

I began searching for a company near me to help with replacements and installation. I initially contacted Cedar Park Overhead Doors and a few other businesses in the area before hiring Ben’s technicians.

They helped us decide on our property’s most suitable garage doors, provided an affordable price, and provided highly professional services!”

Ricki N. Barton Creek, TX

Becky L. Round Rock, TXThis is the greatest garage door company in Round Rock, TX!

“Our family had been experiencing issues with the garage door opener for some time, but it had yet to fail, so we had put off any inspection.

We were finally forced to face our garage door problem when it failed to raise and lower as usual, but we had the privilege of working with Ben’s Garage Door Service on the repair project!

Ben’s crew of technicians came out for a full inspection and free estimate on a Sunday morning, identified the issue as a broken motor, and replaced the part. 

Now our doors are running like new!

They did a fantastic job, provided a professional service, and are one of the best garage door companies in Austin, TX!”

Becky L. Round Rock, TX

Annie S. Cedar Park, TXTheir crew quickly resolved our garage door problems!

“The last thing we expected when we woke up in our new house was to get our garage door fixed, but that is how things looked anyway.

We recently moved from Round Rock into our dream home and were so excited about the new place that the garage door got stuck open, and we couldn’t figure out how to troubleshoot things ourselves.

The previous owner had left behind contact information for Ben’s Garage Door Service as they had provided repair work previously, and a crew reached us quickly and repaired everything just as fast!”

Annie S. Cedar Park, TX

Picture of Ben T.

Ben T.

Ben T. is a highly experienced garage door technician with 20 years in the field, leading a nationwide team, servicing Texas.
Known for expert installations and repairs, his work sets industry standards and ensures customer satisfaction.

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