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Garage Door Repair Dallas-Fort Worth

The population of the DFW metro area has continued to grow and expand over the last decade, as it remains the largest metro space within the Southern region of the United States, offering a high quality of life and expansive opportunities for work.

Dallas and Fort Worth’s suburbs are known as great places to raise families; the environment is warm, welcoming, and, of course – humid.

If you own a home or business here or anywhere across the country, you know the responsibilities of repairing and maintaining your property and garage doors.

The DFW area has unique challenges and influences due to the environment, which affects daily operations.

Locally Owned Garage Door Company Servicing the DFW Metroplex

Ben’s Garage Door Services are locally owned and family-operated, offering more than just basic garage door parts and solutions.

Our garage technicians have a full inventory of premium materials and work with top-of-the-line manufacturers to provide residents within our communities with elite garage door repair options!

With any garage door problem, things can become incredibly frustrating, so having veteran garage door repair experts to rely on, who can quickly diagnose and resolve your issue, helps relieve unnecessary stressors and anxieties.

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Commercial and Residential Garage Door Service Options

Ben’s Garage Door Service serves residential and commercial clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Fairview, and more!

With our garage door company, you will receive the following:

  • Licensed and insured garage door professionals.
  • Highly skilled, experienced, & trained technicians.
  • Emergency garage door repair options.
  • Access to high-quality manufacturers & materials.
  • Free estimate options at affordable prices.
  • Offer outstanding warranties to keep your new garage door repairs or installation protected.
  • Supportive customer care team.

Are You Experiencing a Garage Door Problem?

Our Dallas metro garage door repair service aims to produce quick, efficient, and convenient solutions for DFW residents and business owners!

Every garage door repair issue seems to interject into our lives and can throw a significant wrench into our daily schedules.

It is nearly impossible to plan for garage door repairs. 

When your garage door gets stuck open on a work day, or you cannot operate your opener as you return home for the day, these moments create additional stressors in your lives.

same day service dfw

Same-Day Service for Garage Door Repairs in DFW!

There is nothing quite like having same-day service options, especially when you are caught off guard by the need for garage door repair.

These issues are not always something that you can plan for, even when you commit to regular garage door maintenance.

Ben’s technicians are focused on offering a free price quote, inspections, and thorough consultation to review the options available for all garage door repairs.

Fix Your Broken Springs with Ben’s Garage Door Services in Dallas-Fort Worth

A set of broken or damaged garage door springs is one of the more dangerous door repair services required.

Your garage springs are responsible for carrying and upholding the weight of your garage doors while balancing that weight at the same time.

This places a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of your garage door springs, and if something isn’t right and the spring has snapped – your entire structure is no longer stable.

Springs can be a vulnerable component of your garage doors in Texas, especially in more frigid temperatures.

So, if you spring snaps, contact the experts at Ben’s Garage Door for excellent spring repair services in Dallas-Fort Worth, supplying speedy replacements so you can get back to your life as usual!

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Installing a New Plano Overhead Garage Door

You cannot always have your garage door repaired, and when those garage door repair options aren’t suitable to your needs – new garage doors may be the best option for your home in Plano.

Garage door installations are a significant project, and choosing the perfect new garage door is easy to do with Ben’s technicians, as our professionals are licensed, experienced, and undergo extensive training to provide superior installation solutions.

When choosing your new garage doors with Ben’s Garage Door Service, we offer access to some of the following brands:

Garage Door Opener Repair Services

Your garage doors are essentially useless without garage door openers. Without a functioning garage door opener, your garage is no longer accessible by clicking a button.

Living and working in the 21st century, almost everyone is used to having these basic conveniences and rely on these things to walk through life.

When something changes, and you are suddenly struck trying to troubleshoot a garage door opener breakdown, spent motor, or any kind of issue – reliable garage door opener repair is required to get things back on track!

Ben’s Garage Door Service provides Dallas-Fort Worth with speedy inspections, diagnostics, and repair options for your garage door openers!

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Our Expertly Trained Technicians Install Garage Door Openers

Repairs don’t always suffice for doors or openers, and when you are stuck in limbo trying to decide if it is time to invest in new garage door openers, our experts at Ben’s can weigh in!

  • If you have already committed to multiple tries in opener repair projects, it may be time to reconsider the possibility of replacement and new installation.
  • If electrical issues cause your garage door opener to shut off with the inability to restart.
  • If your garage door opener can no longer securely prompt your garage doors to open and close.
  • You are experiencing consistent vibrations and strange noises coming from your opening system.
  • If you have an aging garage door opener. Anything over 15-20 years means your opening mechanism may have reached the end of its lifespan.

Developing the Perfect Insulated Door

Whether you are thinking about installing new garage doors or are hoping to avoid the consistent need for garage door repair and maintenance – an insulated garage door is the answer!

Living in Dallas-Fort Worth, not everyone thinks about insulation as the heat is blazing and humidity is difficult to escape.

But insulation is not just for the cold; it offers premium protection for residential and commercial garage doors.

Insulating your garage door minimizes the chance you will need to fix garage doors or invest in general garage door repair services.

Have noisy neighbors? Keep their noise out and privacy within your own property because the insulation helps reduce noise pollution.

You will see a significant difference in your energy bills as insulated garage doors offer better energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

Insulation supplies climate control throughout your garage space and the rest of the home or commercial space.

Helps to provide resistance against the possibility of dents, dings, and other damages – promoting more durable garage doors.

Insulating your doors creates a barrier for the structure and offers defense against natural elements, extreme heat, cold, and storms.

garage door services dfw texas faqs

FAQs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Garage Door Industry

Your garage door repair needs, installation curiosity, and questions about maintenance or general garage operations are all essential components to understanding the process of upgrading or restoring your garage space.

Ben’s Garage Door Service in Dallas-Fort Worth has cultivated a new, innovative way to interact with your personal and business properties and garage door repair services,

Our staff is there to offer support, security, and well-rounded peace of mind in answering all of your questions and concerns!

Can I fix a garage door by myself?

Texans are big do-it-yourself people. So, when something happens to your garage doors, it is normalized within local communities to complete the work yourself.

This doesn’t mean it is a wise idea because you put yourself at risk without the extensive training and knowledge to back the job.

You likely aren’t licensed to complete the repairs necessary. 

You should consider your lack of expertise as both are to your detriment and could place you or anyone else involved in a dangerous situation.

The average garage door is extremely heavy; if you are attempting to repair cables, wires, or any system part, you can place yourself in a dangerous situation, and it is always best to turn to the pros for help.

garage door hinges repair and replace dfw texas

Can rusted garage door parts be repaired?

Let’s face it: curb appeal matters, especially in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

But within hot and humid environments, moisture inevitably affects all buildings and structures, their foundations, etc.

Luckily, rusty garage doors and garage door parts can be repaired with professionally trained technicians!

  • Rust is wiped or sanded down.
  • All holes will be repaired.
  • The door will be washed and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Finish and paint applied!

Check out our service coupons and garage door offers for DFW residents!

How long does it take to install a garage door opener?

On average, the typical garage door opener installation process takes anywhere from four to six hours.

However, the exact time can vary, and Ben’s Garage Door technicians always aim to deliver a fantastic job as quickly as possible!

Ben’s precision garage door services are there to simplify the installation of new LiftMaster garage door openers, and we are dedicated to ensuring residential and commercial clients receive an opener that fits within their budget with an excellent warranty!

commercial garage door materials dfw tx

What are the best garage door materials to use in Texas?

There are so many options available to residents in Dallas-Fort Worth for new garage doors. 

Still, various features of the property must be considered before installation because multiple factors go into determining a suitable new garage door.

You wouldn’t use carriage house doors on a modern home, and commercial properties require different garage doors than residential homes.

While you may be set on custom wood garage doors, they may not suit your household.

To locate a completely reliable door upon installation, teaming up with a locally owned and operated company is the first step to success.

Generally, steel garage doors have become the door of choice throughout Texas as they are highly durable, low maintenance, can be styled as wood and other materials, are reasonably priced, and legitimate insulation!

dallas and fort worth garage door services

How do I hire the best garage door company near me?

Looking for high-quality garage door repairs or installation services can feel somewhat overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be with Ben’s Garage Door in Dallas-Fort Worth.

When you are looking for licensed, veteran garage door repair experts, be sure to check off the following boxes from your list:

  • Reach out to companies that provide free estimates and gain multiple quotes for review. Ask about specials, lifetime warranties, etc.
  • Review licensing, insurance, address, BBB ratings, and all the essential information.
  • Check out what previous customers have to say about their garage door services!
  • Keep your eye out for red flags – false advertisements, no address, multiple company names, and anything that just doesn’t feel right.

top garage door company reviews in dallas fort worth

Request Your Free Price Quote for Garage Door Repair

Ben’s Garage Door Service lends a helping hand when you need it most. As a business that is continually growing and expanding, we always have a live operator and customer service agent to take your call.

Whether you are located in Plano, Addison, McKinney, Rockwall, Frisco, or anywhere throughout Dallas-Fort Worth – check out the areas we service to secure your perfect door today!

Our staff will ensure every call is answered and provide free estimates for your garage door needs.

Our Professionally Trained Technicians are Here to Serve You

Garage doors are more than just a job for us; we are dedicated to serving the communities within Dallas-Forth Worth and remain committed to developing safe, secure, and reliable solutions for residents and business owners.

Just take a look at what our customers are saying – we put our clients first and will always be available when you need emergency garage door repair, installation, or maintenance services!

So throw all your worries to the wind and allow our licensed, professional garage door technicians to restore or develop the perfect door for your place!

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Ben T.

Ben T. is a highly experienced garage door technician with 20 years in the field, leading a nationwide team, servicing Texas.
Known for expert installations and repairs, his work sets industry standards and ensures customer satisfaction.

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