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Garage Door Repair Garland

The lovely city of Garland, TX, is known as being a place where things are created!

It is just northeast of Dallas, with a population of nearly 240,000 people, which continues to climb.

Residents of the area are familiar with all the luxuries and amenities the town has to offer, but they also must adhere to the comforts of their own homes.

Garage doors are one of the primary options for entry and continued access to nearly every Garland resident’s home base, so keeping these structures functional is highly important!

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Hiring a Reputable Garage Door Service in Garland, TX

When garage door repairs are necessary, finding the perfect garage door services nearby is always the best option for fixing things as quickly as possible.

There is no way of getting around a garage door that is broken down, so many choose to search for garage door companies near me in hopes of securing a reliable garage door repair option in Garland, TX.

However, all Garland residents must pay close attention to the details around the garage door service they are considering before scheduling those door repair solutions.

Why It’s Crucial to Work with Veteran Garage Door Repair Companies

Garage doors are something that every homeowner and even business needs to utilize multiple times a day.

So when that garage door is suddenly out of order, trying to complete an at-home fix or DIY job can be dangerous without the proper training and skillset.

Securing a legitimate garage door repair business, all begins with checking a company’s credentials, background, experience level, and licensing in Texas.

Hiring a less-than-reputable garage door repair business can leave your family stranded to spend more on another fix for those garage door cables or even without a garage door spring warranty after replacing the previous set.

Requesting Your Free Estimate When Experiencing Garage Door Issues

With Ben’s Garage Door Services in Garland, TX, our local team of experts serves the community with pride!

We offer a crew of licensed, experienced garage professionals helping the Garland & Dallas area for years.

Everything begins with requesting your free estimate so our garage door technicians can assist in scheduling a full diagnostic.

Our garage door repair company supplies same-day and around-the-clock service options.

Check out what our clients say about their experience with garage door repairs!

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Common Garage Door Repairs in Dallas County

It is always best to verify your garage door company before further investigating why things are closing or opening properly.

There are many different things that can go wrong with garage doors in Garland, TX, and some things that clients are accustomed to more than others.

Our repair crew is here to provide the best service in town, delivering complete customer satisfaction so our clients can spend their days lounging on Lake Ray Hubbard or heading to downtown Garland!

Broken Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener is one of the more critical devices within the system as it offers total control and unlimited access for homeowners in Texas.

However, even garage door openers are susceptible to damage and internal issues.

The most common garage door opener issues are as follows:

  • An aging or dying opener.
  • Problems with safety sensors.
  • Loud or unusual noises.
  • Transmission issues.
  • The keypad and remote are unresponsive.
  • Slow opening or closing of the garage doors.

With Ben’s garage opener repair options, our business can provide a tune-up, regular maintenance, and more detailed repairs for garage door openers across Garland, TX!

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Snapped or Broken Spring System

Garage door springs act as the muscles behind the entire operation.

However, they can snap through their continued use, fluctuations in temperature, and sometimes lack of care, resulting in an uneven, non-functional garage door.

This poses a very significant safety risk to the household and family.

In the case of broken springs, homeowners should contact our specialists to replace the garage springs as soon as possible.

Garage Doors That Have Run Off Track

The garage door tracks guide for rollers to carry the doors up and down.

When there is damage and necessary repair for the garage door tracks, it is pertinent to tend to the situation right away.

Our garage door service in Garland, Texas, can help if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • You may notice a gap between the tracks and rollers.
  • The garage door tracks are visibly bent.
  • Your garage doors are uneven or lagging to one side more than the other.

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Worn Out Garage Door Cables

A broken cable can place additional tension on the springs and other components of the garage doors.

Your garage doors may be lifting and lowering unevenly, remain crooked, and appear unbalanced.

When this occurs, many homeowners aren’t sure what is causing the issues, but that is where professional garage door repair in Garland, TX, comes into the picture.

With our team of techs, we are dedicated to making the necessary repairs stress-free and even provide garage door service coupons to make the service affordable for community members in Dallas or Garland, Texas!

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Save Money with Garage Door Installations Vs. Door Repair

When essential repair services are going to get the job done, or you aren’t quite sure if new installations are better than making those repairs, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each.

With a team specializing in garage doors, you can work together to evaluate the cost of new garage doors versus the price of repairs, etc.

Ben’s garage door repair in Garland, Texas, puts our client’s needs first!

Our priority is to provide options for customers throughout the city, but we remain prepared to help with replacement and new installation.

When to Hire Garage Door Services for Replacement Options

Before jumping to conclusions, clients in Garland, Texas, can consider the facts with garage doors.

Evaluating things begins with judging the health and possibilities for the current door.

If you are beginning to notice any of the following with your garage doors, then it may be time to consider the installation of something new!

  • Older garage doors with significant repair needs are usually better off replaced.
  • When significant damage is caused by weather or an accident,
  • If the materials or wood has begun to rot.
  • There are frequent breakdowns and maintenance calls to your local team of garage experts in Garland, TX.
  • The current door is lacking in modern technologies or safety options.
  • There has been a sudden increase in the home energy bills.

Keeping Up With Garage Door Maintenance

With Ben’s Garage Door Services in Garland, TX, our expert team of pros provides a seamless installation process, but we always advise continuing maintenance for the new garage door or gate.

Professional maintenance should be completed at least once or twice every year.

This offers great benefits for homeowners as they can save money on expensive repairs, secure the general safety of their everyday operations, and increase the overall lifespan of garage doors!

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Shopping for a New Garage Door Opener

Often, when a door is replaced, so is its counterpart.

Installing a new garage door opener is easy with our technicians to help guide homeowners in Garland through the process.

Our crew offers extensive options to choose from, providing everything from new LiftMaster garage door openers to smart opening systems with Chamberlain!

We remain dedicated to the residents of our city and will supply realistic solutions for opener replacement and installations.

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Things People Are Also Asking About Garage Door Repair in Garland, TX

Why is my garage door closing and then immediately opening again?

When homeowners hit their garage remote or utilize a keypad to shut the doors, it is expected to close and remain closed.

But sometimes, the garage doors have a mind and will reopen once they hit the ground.

This is highly problematic but usually results from something simple that professional garage door repair companies in Garland, TX, quickly fix.

Typically, the garage door is thrown into reverse due to problems with the safety sensors; something may be blocking the area, or they could be out of alignment.

In the worst-case scenario, the sensors are old, and it is time for replacement parts!

How can I stop cold air from flowing into my garage?

Climate-controlled garages are important for more than just that space; they are necessary for the rest of the property.

To prevent cold air from getting into the area, many clients throughout Garland, TX, install premium garage insulation and the appropriate weather stripping.

This helps to prevent any air gaps, protect the garage door itself, and provide a more comfortable garage!

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Can I repair a section of my garage doors?

Whether the bottom of the garage door is bent or one panel is damaged, it is possible to complete repairs for just a portion of the structure with veteran garage door repair technicians!

With more extensive damages, sometimes that section or panel must be replaced for a viable repair.

This is not something homeowners will want to attempt themselves, as it requires skills, knowledge, and expertise for things to be done correctly.

Why is my garage door taking so long to close?

No one wants to sit around and wait all day for their garage door to close, but this is one of the larger security factors for home safety.

If you are pulling out of the driveway in your car and notice the garage door is taking much longer than usual to close, this is a sure sign that any of the following could be happening:

  • The rollers and hinges may not be lubricated.
  • The speed setting could have been thrown off.
  • Garage door tracks may be damaged.
  • The garage door could be out of alignment.
  • Garage door openers are sometimes the culprit, especially if the motor has issues.

In any case, consulting with Ben’s Garage Door Service in Garland, TX, can provide an accurate diagnosis, quote, and speedy garage door repairs!

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Garland Residents Can Lean on the Experts at Ben’s for Same-Day Service

Keep your garage doors up to date with the latest technologies and safety features through continued maintenance and proper repairs with Ben’s Garage Door Services in Garland, Texas!

Our locally owned and operated business is here to provide customers with any garage door needs.

Contact our garage technicians in Garland to schedule a free estimate and same-day service!

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Our Recent Customer Reviews in Garland, TX

personaThere are no other garage door services that can compare!

“When our garage door broke down, we began by calling Plano Overhead Garage Door but quickly changed our minds after consulting with Ben’s Garage Door Repair Garland.

They provided a free estimate and a fair price on repairs and got everything completed quickly!

Ryan & Emma T. Garland, TX

personaThe best price on garage door repair in Garland, Texas!

“I was shocked to find out the price of our garage door repairs in Garland.

This company knows how to do business properly and provided a quick fix!”

Katie R. Garland, TX

personaOur technician did an excellent job fixing our broken springs!

“All of a sudden, I heard a loud snapping noise, and being a homeowner of two decades, I knew the sound all too well.

This team of technicians supplied premium replacement parts and an excellent service!”

Robert & Tracey S. Garland, TX

personaA high-quality service for a garage door tune-up!

“Our family made one phone call, and we knew we were in the right place.

We booked with the right garage door and gate repair company.

The crew repaired our garage door tracks to ensure the house remained stable and safe!”

Ellie & Tara F. Garland, TX

personaThe perfect garage door installation services in Garland, TX!

“I was initially worried and anxious about new garage door installation, but the project with this garage door company was straightforward.

We were able to locate the perfect garage door, and our techs supported us throughout the entire process!

Frank & Maria G. Garland, TX

Picture of Ben T.

Ben T.

Ben T. is a highly experienced garage door technician with 20 years in the field, leading a nationwide team, servicing Texas.
Known for expert installations and repairs, his work sets industry standards and ensures customer satisfaction.

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