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Garage Door Repair Houston

Houston is the largest metro area in the Lone Star State, home to over 2.2 million people, with the population continually growing as the atmosphere and opportunities entice citizens within neighboring states and all over the country!

Tex Mex, the Gulf Coast, affordable homes, and rental properties are among the many things Houstonians can enjoy while living or working in the city.

Owning a home or business in the area comes with its own set of obligations, and tending to your garage doors is not often on the to-do list, and it doesn’t have to be when you have a locally-owned garage door contractor nearby!

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Affordable Garage Door Solutions in Houston, TX

Ben’s Garage Door Service in Houston, TX, has been committed to providing the residents of its very own community with excellent service options and quality garage door repair solutions at an affordable price!

Our team of garage technicians is highly skilled, trained, and licensed to offer premium repairs for all of your garage components and continued maintenance for these mechanisms.

With Ben’s Garage Door repair services, you can expect everything and more:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured crew of garage door professionals.
  • Experienced and extensively trained staff.
  • Quality customer care team.
  • Same-day service options.
  • Emergency garage door repairs.
  • Convenient services at a fair price.
  • Safe and reliable craftsmanship.
  • Total customer satisfaction!

Call for Garage Door Repair Service Today!

Our same-day service options and custom garage door repair solutions in Houston, TX, are there to ease your anxieties and simplify your life.

As a local garage door repair company, we understand that damage and breakdowns happen whenever you least expect it, and it isn’t always easy to locate a great service immediately when you have a stripped gear, panel damage, or even garage door opener issues.

Ben’s Garage Door Service is dedicated to bringing residents and commercial business owners reliable and accessible solutions!

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Obtain a Free Estimate with a Locally Overhead Door Repair Company

Need your garage door fixed? Our crew services Sugarland, Cypress, Pearland, Spring, The Woodlands, Houston, and other cities.

Estimates are a significant part of the garage door repair and installation process to bring the people of Houston exceptional service.

Ben’s offers a free estimate for all garage door services and provides a detailed inspection, thorough consultation, and review of your quote!

How to Handle Garage Door Repairs in the Houston Metro Area

Fix any problem you are currently experiencing with Ben’s Garage Door Services in Houston, TX!

Garage doors provide everyday security, stability, safety measures, and protection from the external world, boosting your residential and commercial curb appeal.

The average garage door also generally serves as the primary entrance to a home and is used for everyday essential functions within the workplace.

Through continued use, exposure to the elements, and continued use, things can go wrong – a sudden loud screeching noise, your garage door abruptly falling to the ground when closing, doors that have fallen off track, etc.

Recognition of the importance of garage door repair and a quick fix for these issues should always be completed by experienced local garage door technicians in Houston, TX, to ensure your space is restored to its usual state.

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What should I do if my garage door system is frozen?

While there are many reasons that your garage door is malfunctioning, there are some garage door repairs Ben’s technicians in Houston, TX, see more than others.

A frozen or inoperable garage door is quite the hurdle to overcome, whether stuck open or shut.

Home and business owners can troubleshoot these issues, but turning to garage door specialists in Houston, TX, will help you dig to the bottom of your problems.

When your garage door is frozen, it may be due to any of the following problems:

  • A misaligned photo eye safety sensor is causing your garage to remain open. This is a safety feature, and if the sensor needs to be cleaned if there is an obstruction or misalignment, it will keep your garage door open.
  • The garage door tracks are out of alignment. If this occurs, it can also cause your garage door to fall off the tracks, so be sure to contact Ben’s technicians for immediate inspection and repairs.
  • A disconnected or broken remote will not accurately prompt your garage doors to open and close properly.
  • Broken tension springs may also be the culprit, which can be incredibly dangerous as they carry the weight of your garage door.

Why are my garage doors making strange noises?

Strange noises coming from your garage are usually a signal to take a closer look.

Ben’s garage repairs in San Antonio, Dallas, ATX, and Houston, TX, are experts in determining where those noises are coming from, and they could be several things:

  • Garage door opener issues.
  • Hardware needs tightening.
  • Unbalance garage doors.
  • Bad garage door spring.
  • Lack of lubrication for rollers.
  • Chain or belt drives.
  • Lack of insulation, etc.

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How do I deal with a snapped pair of torsion springs?

Broken springs are a great inconvenience and pose a serious risk to businesses and homeowners.

Two torsion springs are better than one, but if your springs break, you are left on foot with entry through the front door or atypical entrances for Houstonians.

Ben’s spring repair is dedicated to providing swift and secure solutions, and you should always turn to the pros when spring breaks!

Why is my garage door leaning to one side?

Your garage doors should always look even, but every now and then, some choose to sag to one side or the other.

If you notice that things look unbalanced, it may be due to any of the following factors:

  • Loose or misaligned hinges can simply occur over time through continued use of your garage structure.
  • Uneven or wrong tension springs can cause difficulties when lifting and lowering the garage doors, causing one side to lean.
  • Misaligned or crooked tracks guide your garage doors up and down so that your garage door will show it when something is off!
  • Unstable foundations are often seen in ATX, Houston, and cities throughout Texas. This can directly affect your garage doors and cause things to become off-balance.
  • Lack of upkeep and general maintenance means relinquishing oversight of your garage door systems. If you commit to regular maintenance for your garage in Houston, TX, you will likely catch problems before they occur!

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Can I troubleshoot a garage door emergency myself?

There is no immediate harm in looking around when you need garage door repair, but this doesn’t mean you will always get to the source of the issue.

Nowadays, people in Houston, TX, and all over the globe can use the internet for basic information when there is a minor issue with garage doors, but DIY garage door repair is never suggested.

And why try troubleshooting when Ben’s Garage Door repair services provide free inspections and estimates to keep your car, house, and Houston business safe?

When to Consider New Garage Door Installation Services in the Houston Area

Hiring garage door installers in Houston, TX, is a job for a reputable company that can offer great prices, high-quality installation solutions, and excellent garage door manufacturers!

Ben’s is an expert in garage door repair and installation, so when it comes time to install a new garage door for your home or business in Houston, TX, we are the crew to call!

We work with leading brands such as CHI, Clopay, Windsor, and Doorlink, offering lifetime warranty options for new installation services.

How will I know when it is time for new garage doors?

It isn’t always apparent that it is time for new doors, so knowing how to judge your doors’ current state will help make the decision easy!

  • Garage doors have significant damages that outweigh or are comparable to the cost of replacement.
  • The garage doors are not opening, closing, or functioning properly.
  • You have noticed that your energy bills are increasing.
  • Garage doors have required perpetual repairs, which have mounted in costs.
  • You want to make updates to your home or business’ appearance.

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What are the best material options for a new door in Houston, TX?

There are various options when installing new garage doors in Houston, TX, but choosing the suitable materials for your place is essential to maintaining a functional garage.

Many factors go into choosing a garage door, and it isn’t entirely about where you are located, although some materials do better than others.

Fiberglass garage doors are incredibly durable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. This a sustainable option for warm climates like those seen throughout Texas, but it can have some trouble during the colder months.

Aluminum garage doors are light and budget-friendly options but do not offer the best insulation modes.

Wood is a viral material for garage doors because it helps home and business owners place their best foot forward, as wood offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. There is a wide selection of wood options for your new garage doors, yet they are not great in areas with heavy moisture and can quickly become damaged due to Houston’s humidity.

Steel is your best bet if you are looking for long-term solutions after installation in Houston, Texas. Steel garage doors are great for elevating curb appeal and are highly durable, secure, and low maintenance!

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Should I consider an insulated door?

Garage door insulation is essential, even when living in Houston, TX!

  • Insulation offers your garage doors an added layer of defense from storms, hail, hurricane winds, etc.
  • Offers energy efficiency and reduced energy bills.
  • Noise reduction qualities.
  • Keep your car, storage, or anything inside your garage safe.
  • Helps to control temperatures in the garage.
  • Increases durability and helps to prolong your garage door’s lifespan!

How much do garage door installation services cost in the Houston metro area?

Your garage door installation costs in Houston, TX, depend entirely on the materials you choose for the door, the size of the door or number of doors, specialty services required, labor, etc.

Most Texans will see installation costs can start at around $950 for a basic, standard single garage door and extend upwards past $2,500.

Commercial garage doors tend to cost a bit more as they have different reasons for use, are often used more often than the average residential garage door, and are larger in size.

Installation of commercial garage doors can range from $1,900 to $7,500.

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Why Your Garage Door Opener Isn’t Working

Garage door openers are the mechanics behind the scenes; they are the actual brains of your garage operations and are heavily relied on for those functions.

Unresponsive garage door openers can throw a wrench in your plans for the day, trapping your vehicle inside the garage.

If your garage door opener is malfunctioning, turning to a reputable repair company can help you find stress-free repair or replacement solutions.

Ben’s Garage Door offers premium garage door opener repairs, replacement, and installation options in Houston and throughout our additional service areas in Texas!

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Unpacking Common Issues with Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are complex mechanisms, and therefore, with both commercial and residential garage doors in Houston, TX, many components must be inspected to locate and diagnose the issue.

Most homeowners will see some of the following problems with their garage door opener:

  • Blocked or damaged sensors.
  • Snapped garage door springs.
  • Roller issues.
  • Dying or faulty batteries.
  • Malfunctioning motor.
  • Transmitter problems.
  • Unresponsive keypad or remote.

Garage Door Services to Repair to Keep Everything Operating Smoothly

Ben’s technicians have extensive experience repairing garage door openers for residents and business owners in Houston, TX.

Our garage specialists always aim to provide seamless repairs to restore your garage door operations.

So, even if you experience any of these problems or something more complicated with your garage door opener – contact our staff to schedule a free inspection and repair!

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Reliable Garage Door Opener Installation Services in Houston, TX

Are you looking into a new garage door opener in Houston, TX?

Ben’s supplies comprehensive garage door opener installation throughout the city, and we aim to simplify the entire process.

We install belt drive garage door openers, chain drive, wall-mounted, and intelligent systems with access through the myQ app available right on your smartphone!

How Garage Door Maintenance Services Contribute to Functional Garage Door Systems

Maintaining and keeping up with any necessary repairs is essential for long-lasting structures when installing a new set of garage doors or garage door openers.

Everyone has to be committed to their properties’ general maintenance and upkeep, but with garage doors, you can hire a crew at Ben’s to take care of all the logistics for you!

We suggest scheduling maintenance appointments twice annually, and our technicians will come out to ensure everything is in good condition, functions correctly, tightens hardware, lubricates rollers, and repairs are made when needed.

Don’t forget to scope out our garage coupons for residents and business owners in Houston, TX!

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The Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance with a Reliable Company in Houston, TX

There are so many benefits businesses and homeowners in Houston, TX, will see when choosing Ben’s Garage Door for their yearly garage door maintenance solutions!

Catch problems before they become more significant issues that could affect other parts of your garage or cause irreversible damage.

Save money on the cost of repairs.

Upgrade and enhance your security with inspections and assurance from professionals.

Maintain the safety of your garage doors with your family and employees.

Increase the lifespan of your garage doors.

Take advantage of your garage door warranty!

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Contact Ben’s Garage Door Service in Houston for Your Free Quote!

Your residential and commercial garage door should always enhance your life and business, upgrading your comfort and security.

When and if your garage door suddenly interferes with those factors, Ben’s Garage Door Service is here to service Houston, TX, residents and business owners with elite garage door repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance solutions!

As a locally owned company in the Houston area, we continue to push forward and expand our operations to make garage door services accessible for Texans.

Contact our office today for a free quote and consultation on your garage door needs!

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Our Recent Residential & Commercial Client Reviews

Take a deeper dive into our garage door repairs and other garage solutions with our recent customer reviews!

Blake L. Houston, TXThe Best Local Garage Door Repair in Houston, Texas

“My garage door wasn’t shutting all the way, and a neighbor referred me to Ben’s technicians.

I called very late in the day, but their same-day service advertisement was guaranteed as they had a licensed specialist out within the hour who provided a detailed quote and helped fix my garage door effortlessly!

Ben’s Garage Door Service did an excellent job with my garage door repairs.

They are a reputable business in Houston, TX, and I highly recommend their services!”

Blake L. Houston, TX

Johnny C. Conroe, TXCommercial Garage Door Repair at a Reasonable Price

“Running a shipment warehouse comes with loads of responsibilities and lots of loads going in and out of the building.

So, when one of our garage doors wouldn’t open, it became an emergency issue.

After calling a few companies in Houston, Texas, metroplex, I settled on Ben’s Garage Door Service, as they were able to get to our property in 30 minutes and offered competitive pricing compared to the other contractors.

Their crew inspected the docking area and garage door and supplied speedy repairs, and we got right back to business as usual.”

Johnny C. Conroe, TX

Michael E. Texas City, TXBen’s Provided a Great Service & Unmatched Customer Service

“I wish every home repair could be this easy!

Our garage door opener’s motor had blown, and we needed to replace the part.

Ben’s Garage Door Services in Houston, TX, responded to my service call immediately and got the job done quickly and for a great price!

They provide an excellent service, and I will now call them for any of my garage door services.”

Michael E. Texas City, TX

Erica L. Spring, TXSimple Garage Door Installation with Experienced Technicians

“We recently completed a full-scale remodel for our house but didn’t initially take our garage doors into consideration.

Following the changes to our landscape and exteriors, the previous garage doors didn’t fit the aesthetic we were projecting.

I journeyed to find the best garage door company in the Houston area and landed on Ben’s Garage Door Service for our garage door installation project.

Their technicians were incredibly helpful, provided support through the entire process, and we worked as a team to find the perfect materials and aesthetic for our home!”

Erica L. Spring, TX

Joe A. Houston, TXQuick & Easy Garage Door Spring Replacement

“After our garage door spring broke, I became increasingly worried about the stability of our garage door.

Turns out they weren’t the right size for our door and needed to be replaced.

Ben’s Garage Door Service provided us with a fair price, professional technicians, and quality spring repair.

Now, we can rest easy knowing our garage door is stable and secure!”

Joe A. Houston, TX

Picture of Ben T.

Ben T.

Ben T. is a highly experienced garage door technician with 20 years in the field, leading a nationwide team, servicing Texas.
Known for expert installations and repairs, his work sets industry standards and ensures customer satisfaction.

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