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Garage Door Repair Irving

Within the DFW metroplex, Irving is a vastly growing community with new residents heading into the city daily.

It is best known for its arts center, which focuses on the arts in different mediums and is displayed throughout the region in culinary options, cafes, live music events, and art galleries.

Irving is a great place to raise children, try a new career path, or jump-start your business with quick access to the downtown area.

Residents have busy lives, but there is no chance of neglecting the maintenance of their homes and garage doors!

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Keeping High-Quality Garage Doors in Irving, TX

A garage door may be overlooked as just another part of the household, but it plays a dominant role in your life because everything changes quickly the second an issue arises.

Texans experience garage door problems and environmentally specific technical problems, from poor garage insulation to rusting garage door parts.

Regardless, focusing on the health and happiness of the household means paying close attention to the everyday function of those garage doors and keeping a good garage door repair company on call!

Local Garage Door Companies Offering Guidance

Our local garage door repair in Irving is composed of licensed technicians to help resolve any ongoing issue.

When a garage door breaks in Texas, there are external factors to consider, but veteran garage door experts are here to help!

We understand and offer garage door services to simplify our customer’s lives and provide options for a speedy solution.

Same-Day Service Options for Garage Door Problems

When springs snap, cables fail, or the garage door opener needs fixing, it is almost always an urgent matter.

That is why our professional garage door repair techs provide same-day service options throughout Irving and surrounding cities.

Check out our local garage door company coupons for a fair price on your garage door repair service!

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Typical Texas Garage Door Repair Services

Your Irving garage door is likely used to enter and exit the house every morning, afternoon, and evening.

When that garage door acts up or breaks down, it is suddenly a barrier to accessibility and can be an issue of safety and continued security for the household.

Our garage door repair specialists in Irving are dedicated to supplying same-day service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction for any problem that may arise.

Heat & Humidity Affects Garage Doors

Unfortunately, the weather in Texas causes regional-specific issues for a local garage door.

These doors are constantly exposed to natural elements, such as heat, humidity, cold, and ice.

It can cause expansion in certain garage door materials and rusting for others.

In either case, securing licensed garage door repair Irving can help to turn things back around quickly and regain control of the door’s quality and aesthetics.

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Temperature Changes Can Result in a Broken Spring

The temperature continues to affect other areas of the garage system, and springs may need repairs when things get cold!

Frigid temperatures during the winter months can cause garage door springs to snap, but if customers have a good garage door spring warranty, there is no need to worry.

Our professional technicians provide lifetime warranty options, making replacement quick and easy!

My Spring Broke, Now What?

When a spring breaks, it can throw off the garage door’s balance, making the entire operation process unstable.

Many Irving residents will search the internet for garage door spring replacement near me, but Ben’s Garage Door Services is right in your neighborhood and ready to provide repairs!

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Maintaining Garage Door Rollers is Essential

The cables, tracks, and rollers all work together alongside the springs for safe functions.

However, this is not always guaranteed when the rollers are not looked after and maintained correctly lubricated and maintained through a professional garage door service.

Ignoring the smaller components of the garage space is easy to do when you are in and out every day, but for veteran garage door experts, detailed inspections can help prevent the roller from wearing out before their time!

There is a Gap Between My Rollers, What Should I Do?

When and if you notice a large gap between where your rollers usually meet the garage door tracks, things may be off track.

This is a clear sign of a dent or damage to the tracks, and Irving homeowners should contact garage door services for immediate repair.

Broken Garage Door Openers

The opening system is yet another one of the most essential elements of the garage system.

Without functioning garage door openers, the entire structure becomes unreliable to Dallas, Fort Worth, & Irving residents.

Below are some of the more common issues customers experience resulting in garage door repair Irving, TX:

  • Issues with the garage door opening or closing.
  • Intermittent operations.
  • Safety sensor problems.
  • Strange or loud noises.
  • Keypad, remote, & fob issues.
  • Shaking or vibrations.
  • An opener that keeps dying.

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Are You Considering Garage Door Replacement in Irving, TX?

Securing local garage door services for garage door repair, Irving will not always fix the issues you are experiencing.

Sometimes, a new garage door is the only logical answer.

Whether the current garage door is old, causing issues resulting in repairs, or isn’t suited for the house anymore, it is up to the homeowner to determine their needs.

As veteran garage door technicians in Irving, TX, our team is committed to making all replacements or new installation procedures completely hassle-free!

Installing New Residential Garage Doors

Replacing old or existing doors for new garage doors seems like a significant change or task to take on.

Still, it is relatively straightforward for customers to hire Ben’s technician in Irving.

Without garage door installation specialists, clients may be as involved in the process as little or as much as they would like.

We are committed to the continued growth of our business, and the same is true for those we can share the services with.

This is why our team provides top-of-the-line garage door options from the best manufacturers in the world!

New Commercial Garage Doors Irving, TX

Our services push past the residential sphere and can assist with commercial doors, too!

Whether your local business is looking for new install, complete replacement, or general repair services, we are the team to get the job done.

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Replacing an Old Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers will typically last anywhere from 10 years to 15 years, depending on the make and model of the device.

Repairing damage or internal issues is not the best decision after a certain point.

Many clients choose to invest in a new LiftMaster garage door opener or other manufactured opening systems with innovative technologies and safety features.

Our local garage door service can help provide a free quote, offer a range of new garage door openers, and a comprehensive installation process!

Continuing Garage Door Maintenance with Top-Notch Technicians

With every garage space, continued upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance are necessary, just like every other part of the house.

The difference for many homeowners is prior knowledge.

Regular maintenance should be assessed through a licensed garage door service to ensure everything is operated smoothly and no repairs need to be made.

Most clients in Irving will call our garage door company once a year, but we recommend it twice a year if possible!

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FAQS for Garage Door Repairs

Why should a legitimate garage door repair company complete repairs?

Attempting DIY garage door repair, Irving can place yourself or others in a precarious situation.

Most Irving residents don’t know everything about LiftMaster smart openers or cables, making completing it challenging.

It is essential to contact a veteran garage door business like Ben’s for the support necessary for a quick, safe, and quality repair service.

How much does it usually cost to repair garage door rust in Irving, TX?

Rust on garage doors is something Irving natives and people throughout Texas are used to dealing with due to the harsh levels of humidity and moisture in the air.

This can be a serious problem and an eyesore, and with steel, vinyl, and aluminum doors being so popular, they are prone to rust through time.

The usual cost to repair this can begin around $150 and extend past $400, depending on the garage door size and how many doors require those repairs.

How can a jammed garage door be opened from the outside?

If your garage doors are jammed, it can be increasingly frustrating, especially when you are on the outside trying to get in.

But that is what the emergency release key is for!

Homeowners in Irving can simply unlock the key, pull the cord to unlock the garage door, and then lift it from the bottom of the door.

If it is a bad jam, contacting local garage door repair Irving for same-day service and repairs is much easier.

Why will my garage door only open halfway?

There are multiple reasons your garage doors only open halfway, but diagnosing the problem is the key to finding a suitable solution.

  • The track alignment may be off.
  • Something may be blocking the sensors or debris on the track, preventing the rollers from working properly.
  • Snapped or broken garage door spring.
  • Worn cables or rollers.
  • Internal issues with the opener system or its motor.
  • Regular wear and tear to the door itself.

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Call Ben’s Garage Door Repair Services for a Free Estimate & Quick Fix

Don’t allow a broken garage door or its parts to throw off your day; contact our garage door service experts for a free repair quote.

As a local, family-owned company in Irving, we strive to service local customers to enhance the comforts of their life, house, or business!

Our professional technicians are only one call away; give us a call, and we will get the job done.

Clients Review Our Garage Door Service in Irving, TX

personaThe best Irving garage door repair option!

“If you have been looking for reliable garage door repair Irving, this is the best you can find!

We are extremely satisfied with the team and their help in repairing our garage door cables.”

The Pittman Family Irving, TX

personaExcellent service & highly trained technicians!

“Our family was amazed at how quickly the crew showed up to begin fixing our garage door opener.

The technicians were professional and kind and answered all my questions!”

Sarah & Will B. Irving, TX

personaStress-free installation of our new garage doors in Irving, TX!

“Our garage door replacement was a big project, so we began calling companies like Family Christian Doors & Precision Door.

Neither of them offered what Ben’s Garage Door Services could offer, and we are extremely pleased with the newest addition to our house!”

Joey & Kayla T. Irving, TX

personaFantastic garage door services at a reasonable price!

“Our garage door spring broke late in the afternoon on a Saturday, but luckily, our neighbors were previous customers and referred us to Ben’s services.

They replaced the springs quickly and at a great price!”

Kirk & Cathy V. Irving, TX

personaThe crew helped to fix our garage door opener!

“I wasn’t able to use my keypad to get into the garage, so I called these garage door repair specialists for help.

They were able to sync everything with the transmitter properly, and my garage doors are back up and running!”

Frida S. Irving, TX

Picture of Ben T.

Ben T.

Ben T. is a highly experienced garage door technician with 20 years in the field, leading a nationwide team, servicing Texas.
Known for expert installations and repairs, his work sets industry standards and ensures customer satisfaction.

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