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Garage Door Repair San Antonio

The Alamo City, otherwise referred to as San Antone or the River City – San Antonio, Texas, is a gorgeous metro area with historic roots that have helped the city evolve into the kind of contemporary living it now offers residents.

It is best known for the River Walk, its tremendous appreciation for the arts, and its excellent food, like everywhere in Texas.

With over 1.4 million residents throughout the San Antonio area, there are many garage doors to tend to for home and business owners!

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Your One-Stop-Shop for Reliable Garage Door Services

Everyone has a packed schedule, and while San Antonio differs mainly from the hustle and bustle of DFW, the last thing most residents want to deal with is a broken-down garage door.

With Ben’s Garage Door Service, you have found everything you need wrapped up in one garage door repair company.

We are a locally owned business in San Antonio, Texas, dedicated to excellent customer service, transparent pricing, and customer satisfaction!

A Family-Owned Business with Family Values

Our family-owned company is licensed and insured to ensure our residential and commercial clients receive safe and secure garage repairs.

Businesses must understand their customers to provide excellent service. Ben’s technicians are focused on offering our clients resolutions while developing long-lasting relationships.

While we are experts in our field, our specialists still understand the frustrations of any kind of home repair.

Free Estimates for All Your Garage Door Problems in the San Antonio Area

We provide free estimates for all our service options, offer same-day scheduling, and intensive inspections to diagnose and resolve your garage door issues!

Garage door repair quotes are meant to provide clients peace of mind and a well-rounded understanding of their options.

So long as you aren’t experiencing a garage door emergency, contacting multiple garage door companies in San Antonio, TX, for quotes to compare which option is best suited for your budget is a great idea!

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Locating High-Quality Garage Door Repairs in San Antonio, TX

Your garage doors serve as protectors; they offer a transition space when entering your home or business, provide convenience for your family and employees, etc.

The average garage door is more than just a door, and when you end up in a situation where garage repair is rarely something that you have planned for.

Being caught off guard by a damaged or broken garage door can negatively affect your mental and emotional state while also seeping into the logistics of your life.

With Ben’s Garage Door Service in San Antonio, TX, residents and business owners throughout the city and surrounding areas are entitled to reputable technicians who are readily available to help!

What is considered an emergency garage door service?

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with your garage doors, even though they are built and installed to defend your property.

While repairs for your garage door may be required, not all are considered an emergency service.

  • Severe wear or damage to your garage door opener drive, panels, or other components of your garage system.
  • Lots of loud and unusual noises.
  • Garage door springs snap.
  • A garage door that has fallen off track.
  • When your garage door is jammed or completely broken down, you cannot get in or out.

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Why aren’t my garage doors closing?

When you prompt your garage door opener to shut your garage door, most homeowners in San Antonio, TX, assume that is exactly what will happen.

But when this doesn’t happen, it is probably time to contact Ben’s garage door repair specialist in San Antonio, TX, for further assistance with the situation.

Having your garage door run is typically just another everyday factor that feels like second nature to most Texans. This could be happening for several reasons:

  • Blocked, dirty, or damaged photo eye sensors.
  • Problems with garage door tracks or rollers.
  • Misplaced limits.
  • Lack of maintenance.

A garage door specialist should review malfunctioning systems and technical issues!

How do I determine if I have broken springs?

Garage door springs are one of the most vital components for the garage door system. The springs are there to help carry the weight of the garage during its cycles, provide security for the user, and balance your garage door.

Without operable springs, using your garage door in its automatic or manual state can end in catastrophe and is very dangerous for troubleshooting on your own.

You cannot repair a garage door spring once it has snapped, and legitimate broken spring replacement is necessary to carry on operations as usual.

Ben’s Garage Door Service in San Antonio, TX, supplies residential and commercial doors with speedy and stress-free replacement options suitable for your wants, your garage door’s weight, materials, size, and everything that comes with it!

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Should I consult with my garage door company about garage door insulation?

Most people consider quality insulation projects as they install a new garage door, but many Texans hear the word insulation and immediately write it off.

Insulating garage doors is not something San Antonians think about. However, the climate and general weather conditions will innately always impact your garage door and the temperature of your garage area.

The summers are hot in San Antonio, TX; that is no secret, and the winters are shorter but can become very cold!

The humidity and moisture also affect your insulation choices, so pay close attention to the type of insulation you choose and the R-value associated with that insulation.

Insulation offers your garage doors additional durability, protection, better energy efficiency, reduces noise, and offers defense for garage door openers, cars, and anything within your garage unit!

What are the most common garage door repairs in San Antonio, TX?

Many different things can go wrong with your garage doors, sometimes specific to living in San Antonio.

While an unsteady foundation and humidity can significantly influence garage door and garage door opener issues, if something is not working within the system, there are a few components you should inspect first!

Ben’s Garage Door Service has extensive knowledge and will send out an elite garage door repair specialist to provide support throughout the project at fair prices.

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Broken Garage Door Rollers

Neither your garage doors nor garage door opener will operate appropriately without well-lubricated and maintained rollers.

The garage door rollers guide doors up and down the tracks to ensure a smooth, steady, and safe journey when opening or closing.

If you have older or rusted rollers, this can interfere with the door opening, and you will likely want to reach out to garage door repair professionals as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

Most rollers are either steel, plastic, or nylon and last 5 to 15 years. If your rollers are too rusted or worn down, it may be time to replace them instead!

Garage Door Cable Repair Services for Overhead Doors

Garage door cables should be attached on each side of the door, and they work in tandem with the springs to ensure that everything is balanced and the weight is distributed equally.

Without stable cables, your garage doors may become off balance; they can slam quickly to the floor when closing, etc.

The garage door cables are built to last, but like garage door openers, extension springs, and rollers – everything has its own projected lifespan and is exposed to wear and tear.

Over time, your cables may begin to unwind and end up stretched out and worn down, which causes them to lose the tension they require to help in their typical functions.

Broken cables require a garage door repair and replacement expert; replacing your cables can help businesses and homeowners retain the usual comforts of their garage door functions!

Garage Door Drum Replacement & Repairs

The garage door drum is a part of the spring system, and they offer additional support for the weight of your garage doors!

Like other garage door parts, the drum needs its own attention and levels of maintenance to ensure adequate function.

If the garage door drum has worn out or broken down, it should be tended to quickly, as it is directly connected to the torsion springs and can create a dangerous or unsafe situation for garage door owners.

Ben’s Garage Door Service is certified and experienced in offering premium repair and replacement options for garage door drums.

We are available to make our clients’ lives easier, and our goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible while fulfilling the customers’ repair needs!

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Bent or Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

Just as train tracks are essential to a freight train’s ability to stay the course, your garage doors require tracks to support their journey when opening and closing. It is not always noticeable if your garage door has fallen off track. 

Still, it will require garage door repair and even possible garage door replacement, depending on the extent of damage incurred.

  • The tracks may look warped. This can happen due to sheer exposure to the San Antonio weather conditions or collision with the tracks.
  • You may notice a gap between where your rollers should be and the track itself. Your rollers should always maintain direct contact with the tracks!
  • The door may appear uneven or sagging to one side more than the other.
  • Your garage doors may take a long time to open and close.
  • A garage door falling off its track may also jam up along the tracks.

Do not attempt to open and shut the garage doors if this occurs. Instead, check out Ben’s garage door service coupons and contact our local staff to schedule a repair appointment with a licensed garage technician!

Should I proceed with garage door repairs or garage door replacement?

Garage doors and garage door openers don’t always benefit from repairs; eventually, garage door installation becomes the more reasonable option.

Attempting to decide between garage door installations and door repairs can be tricky to navigate!

That is what Ben’s Garage Door Services in San Antonio is here for: to provide adequate support to residential and commercial clients when reviewing their options for new garage doors.

Our experts have been completing stress-free garage door installation solutions for years, and we are dedicated to bringing the San Antonio community the best garage doors available.

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Premier Garage Door Installation Solutions

You may consider a different garage door system and brand new garage doors with Ben’s installation services in San Antonio!

We offer plenty of options for your new garage doors by working with the best manufacturers on the market.

However, you must choose your materials carefully, as new garage door installation is not solely about upgrading your home or company’s curb appeal.

  • Steel garage doors: Steel is typically the material of choice in Texas as it offers great durability against the elements, is flexible in design, is long-lasting, and remains resistant to rusting! You can do whatever you want with steel, whether developing new carriage house doors or sectional garage doors!
  • Wood garage doors: Wood garage doors can also be designed in almost any way you want to fit your property perfectly! This is an eco-friendly option for your new garage doors, but in San Antonio, TX, wood requires lots of maintenance and retains moisture.
  • Aluminum garage doors: Aluminum is another excellent option that remains rust-resistant while maintaining a modern feel! However, the material is not entirely waterproof, is easily damaged, and requires additional insulation for climate-controlled garages.
  • Vinyl garage doors: Vinyl is budget-friendly, simple to maintain, and long-lasting! This option also requires extra insulation and isn’t the most durable solution for new garage doors in San Antonio.
  • Fiberglass garage doors: People love fiberglass for its appearance, and it has more recently grown a lot in popularity. This option is durable, low maintenance, and allows a bit of indoor-outdoor living within your garage space. Still, it is very vulnerable to possible damage, will enable people to see from outside, and is not the greatest in extreme weather conditions.

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Garage Door Opener Repairs & Replacements in San Antonio, TX

Garage door openers work as a team with your garage door; they signal the doors to open and close, offering users safety features, peace of mind, and all the comforts that should come with a garage.

But what happens when your garage door openers suddenly are not working, the remote or keypad has malfunctioned, or the lights have gone out?

Ben’s Garage Door Service proudly serves San Antonio and surrounding areas with comprehensive garage door opener repair and replacement solutions!

If you notice any of the following issues with your garage door openers, it is probably time to reach out to the garage professionals:

  • The garage door is frozen due to the opener’s inability to operate.
  • The garage door opener switch isn’t working correctly.
  • Photo-eyes are blocked or damaged.
  • The motor is bad or burnt out.
  • The battery is dead or needs replacing.
  • The remote or keypad is not responding.
  • Faulty antennas.
  • The garage door is not opening or closing due to defective limits, photo-eye, or roller damage.

Garage Door Opener Installation Options

Since garage door openers play such a critical role in the everyday operations of your garage door, when repairs aren’t enough, installing a brand new garage door opener is the only answer!

When searching for reputable garage door opener installation services in San Antonio, trust Ben’s Garage Door Service to provide free estimates, full inspection, consultation, and physical installation!

Our garage door opener experts will work with you to determine the perfect fit for your home or commercial property so you can get back to what really matters in your life and leave any worries associated with the installation process to us!

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Need a Commercial or Residential Garage Door Repair? Contact Us for a Free Estimate!

Don’t allow door repairs to disrupt your life or business when you have Ben’s Garage Door Services to lean on in your time of need.

Our garage door repair, replacement, maintenance, and installation services are there to simplify the way San Antonio, TX, residents have previously viewed and interacted with these scenarios – and we offer lifetime warranties alongside these services.

We are committed to supplying great customer service, simple repairs or replacements, and total satisfaction for commercial and residential clients!

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We Provide Same-Day Services Throughout San Antonio, Texas

Ben’s Garage Door Service maintains an A+ rating with the BBB and has built our reputation on the quality of our customers’ services.

Need garage door help fast? Contact our garage door professionals for same-day services anywhere throughout our Texas service areas and in the lovely city of San Antonio!

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Our Recent San Antonio Customer Reviews

Check out our client reviews and hear what they say about our residential and commercial garage door repair, replacement, and installation services.

Dereck G. Universal City, TX.This is Top of the Line Garage Door Opener Repair

“I have always been clueless about garage door-related, so I knew contacting a professional garage door company was the best bet once my garage door opener started breaking down.

After completing some research online, Ben’s Garage Door Service in San Antonio, TX, stood out as the only garage door company I connected with.

They sent a technician out quickly and had my garage door opener back up and running in about an hour!” – Dereck G. Universal City, TX.

Christine A. New Braunfels, TX.Ben’s is the Only Garage Door Company I Trust in San Antonio, Texas

“When my torsion springs broke, I needed the best garage door repair available in the San Antonio area to get things fixed in a timely manner.

A friend referred me to Ben’s Garage Door Services, and they immediately completed a free estimate at an affordable price!

Their crew did an excellent job with the spring replacement and offered great customer service throughout the entire process!” – Christine A. New Braunfels, TX.

Robin L. Seguin, TX.My Garage Door Specialist Boosted Our Home’s Curb Appeal

“Our existing garage door was far beyond the point of repair service, and we were actually looking to attempt a custom garage door installation project.

I knew exactly what I wanted, but I was going to need a legitimate garage door installation team to help with the process.

While it seemed daunting, Ben’s technicians helped us develop the perfect residential garage doors for our household, ensured that they fit with the aesthetics of our home, and did an outstanding job at executing everything!” – Robin L. Seguin, TX.

Brandon D. San Marcos, TX.Thanks to Ben’s Quality Service, Our Business is Booming

“Our overhead garage doors are a massive part of our everyday responsibilities in the workplace. We receive shipments every day and require a stable garage structure.

As a locally owned business, we are always focused on providing our customers with great service, and that is difficult to do when one of your garage doors ends up stuck halfway up its tracks.

I contacted Ben’s Garage Door Services in San Antonio, TX, who immediately prioritized our needs and did an excellent job repairing our garage door!

We got right back to work, and I couldn’t be more thankful because we could have missed out on a ton of business.” – Brandon D. San Marcos, TX.

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Ben T.

Ben T. is a highly experienced garage door technician with 20 years in the field, leading a nationwide team, servicing Texas.
Known for expert installations and repairs, his work sets industry standards and ensures customer satisfaction.

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