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Garage Door Repair Plano

The largest city in Collin County and one of the most vibrant spots in the Dallas Metroplex Area, Plano, TX, has a population of approximately 292,706 residents. In addition to being known for its unique downtown area, urban art scene, and out-of-this-world restaurants, Plano is home to some of the most beautiful homes throughout Texas.

As a proud Plano, TX, homeowner, you are concerned with keeping up appearances, which is why you take great care in maintaining your house and garage, including your garage door. If your garage door is getting older and not running at peak efficiency, it might be time for a repair or upgrade.

Ben’s Garage Door is a locally family-owned business that has proudly served the Plano area for several years. We provide multiple exceptional services, from simple repairs to installing new garage door openers or New Garage Doors. We are your one-stop shop for every imaginable garage door need.

We offer free estimates, same-day service, and emergency services at fair prices. If you’re ready to work with one of the most well-respected businesses in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, read on to learn about everything we can offer:

garage door plano texas

Welcome to Plano’s Premier Garage Door Repair Hub

Of all the gadgets, electronics, and appliances you own and operate across your property, chances are your garage door and opener get the most use and suffer the most abuse.

An attractive, well-maintained garage door isn’t only an aesthetic issue but also a matter of safety. A damaged, malfunctioning garage door system is vulnerable to burglars and poses a severe risk to your children and pets.

If your garage door is older and damaged, you are left with an age-old dilemma: Is the door salvageable and repairable, or is it time to spring for an upgrade? As a homeowner, you won’t have all the answers, so the skills, knowledge, and experience of a well-trained garage door technician are vital.

Let the premier garage door installation and repair company in Texas determine why your garage door is malfunctioning and whether repairs or a replacement are warranted. We guarantee your complete customer satisfaction and will ensure that the estimate you receive is transparent.

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Understanding Garage Doors in Plano

Walking through the garage door sales section of your local home improvement company can be overwhelming. With all the available styles, colors, sizes, and materials, how do you know which door will work for your home’s architecture and budget? Let the Ben’s Garage Door team take the guesswork out for you.

We recommend the perfect door that is functional, affordable, and works seamlessly with your home’s style. The first step is choosing the right material. Here are a few of the most popular garage door materials:

  • Wood: A classic option, wood is the gold standard in the garage door industry. Highly customizable and durable, wood is expensive, prone to damage, and requires a lot of upkeep.
  • Wood composite: Manufactured from wood shavings, plastics, and binders, composite mimics the look of natural wood without all the upkeep. Composite is a great option, but these doors are also costly.
  • Vinyl: Lightweight and versatile, vinyl is customizable and energy efficient. Vinyl is also more expensive than other options but can warp under extreme heat.
  • Steel: As durable as other options but for a lower price, steel is a go-to for several Plano residents who want a mixture of looks and strength. Steel doors don’t provide as much insulation and are susceptible to rust.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight, affordable, and more resistant to rust than steel. Aluminum is not well insulated, prone to dents and damage, and is not as durable as other popular choices.
  • Fiberglass: Energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and versatile, fiberglass is a cost-effective choice for budget-conscious homeowners. However, it can turn yellow under constant sun exposure and is prone to cracking.
  • Glass: Glass doors feature large panes housed in a metal frame. Glass is expensive but gives your home the ultimate curb appeal and “wow” factor.

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The Anatomy of Garage Doors: What Makes Them Tick?

Garage door systems comprise a series of components that must work perfectly for your door to open and close when you press the remote. There are two main types of systems, a torsion spring system or extension spring system, but no matter what type you have installed on your Plano garage, it will be fitted with several parts, including:

  • Sensors: A safety device found near the bottom of the door on both sides. The door will not shut entirely or retract if an obstruction blocks the sensors.
  • Springs: Two springs, either torsion springs or extension springs, assist the motor in lifting and lowering the garage door. The springs also help equalize weight and are an essential safety feature.
  • Cables drum: The cable drum works alongside the springs to help move the door up and down. In the case of torsion springs, the drums are wheels attached to the top of both springs.
  • Rollers: Small cylinders or wheels made from metal, hard plastic, or nylon. A roller sits inside each track and is attached to the garage door. It helps lift and lower the door when you activate the remote.
  • Hinges: A pair of metal hinges sit between each door panel. The hinges help attach the panels and keep them straight.
  • Tracks: Two long metal tracks house the rollers at both ends of the garage door opening. If the tracks become bent or obstructions, such as leaves, are present, the door won’t operate.
  • Weatherstripping: A band of polyfoam, felt, vinyl, or rubber that is attached to the outer rim of the garage door. The strips help protect the inside of the garage from the elements.
  • Opener: The brains of your garage door system, the opener’s main component is a motor that powers the garage door.


Spotlight on Ben’s Plano Overhead Garage Door Company

Ben’s Garage Door operates on a straightforward philosophy: We offer you a satisfaction guarantee and competitive prices, and when our technician arrives at the door, they will always act professionally. As a well-known and highly respected Garage Door Service and Repair company, we strive to provide all our customers with a stress-free experience.

We understand that a functional garage door is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. This is why we recommend contacting us at the first sign of trouble. In addition to a free estimate, we offer:

  • A fast response: You don’t have to wait long for a technician to arrive at your door.
  • Affordable prices: The free estimate will be transparent, and we will never start work until you agree on the price.
  • Trained, talented technicians: Our team of talented technicians is fully licensed and drug-tested and arrives at your door with the tools necessary to perform the repair.
  • 24/7 emergency repairs: Are you experiencing a garage door emergency? Our staff can assist you 24/7.
  • Quick diagnosis and repair: Our technicians are trained to pinpoint the issue quickly and find a resolution within your budget. They are also trained to diagnose multiple problems, regardless of the make, manufacturer, door, or door opener.

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Garage Door Problems in Plano: Common Issues Unveiled

Your garage door’s system might seem complicated and sophisticated. However, chances are, you will only encounter a handful of common problems, including:

  • Garage door won’t fully close: A malfunctioning motor, obstructions along the tracks, or Broken Garage Door Springs are some of the reasons why your garage door will not completely close.
  • Garage door opener issues: Your opener might fail for several reasons. The problem could be minor, like a dead remote battery, or more serious, like a damaged motor.
  • Strange noises: Different noises can be a sign of a specific problem. For example, if you hear a grinding or rattling, the issue might be an improperly installed opener. If you hear squeaking, the issue is most likely a worn roller.
  • Slow operation: Improper lubrication, a slower speed setting, or an ailing motor can cause your door to operate more slowly.

The Benefits of Investing in a New Garage Door and Opener

The rise of smart technology and modern, sleek design has made its way into the garage door industry and, hopefully, onto your Plano property. If you are second-guessing your decision to invest in a new garage door and opener, consider these benefits first:

  • Safety and security: A strong door and a functional opener are your first line of defense against burglars. For added security, consider installing cameras along with your new opener.
  • Lower energy bills: More energy-efficient openers use less electricity. Insulated garage doors also help improve your home’s energy efficiency. The potential long-term cost savings will help justify the upfront costs. Contact us today to discuss Garage Door Insulation Options.
  • Higher home value: A sleek new garage door will help increase your home value and attract potential buyers.
  • Great curb appeal: Imagine how envious your neighbors will be when you upgrade your garage doors to the latest models.

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Services and Solutions in Plano, TX

At Ben’s Garage, we provide services and solutions to your everyday needs. Let us help you make minor repairs before they become serious issues or create a maintenance plan that suits your schedule and budget.

Comprehensive Garage Door Repair Services: Fixing Plano’s Door Dilemmas

Homeownership isn’t always a picnic; you will often face multiple problems and endless headaches. If you are tired of dealing with your broken down, damaged garage door, let us take the burden of repairs off your shoulders. Our technicians are trained to pinpoint, diagnose, and repair common garage door issues.

We will always have the solution if you have a garage door problem. The first step in having a fully functional garage door is to Contact Us immediately.

Tackling Broken Garage Door Springs with Precision

Garage door springs provide the tension that assists the door in opening and closing. A broken spring can be an inconvenience and, often, why the door malfunctions. Here are some of the most common reasons why garage door springs fail:

  • Normal wear and tear: The average garage spring has a lifespan of around 10,000 cycles. Eventually, they will fail due to regular use.
  • Rust: Metal springs will corrode when they come into contact with moisture.
  • Lack of maintenance: Regularly lubricating your springs will help increase their lifespan.

If you need torsion spring replacement, ask about our Torsion Springs with Lifetime Warranty!

Reliable Garage Door Services: The Seal of Trust

Whenever you hire someone to maintain, install, or repair your Plano overhead garage door, you invite them into your home and around your family. This is a level of trust we take very seriously. To ensure you are working with a qualified professional service, follow these simple tips to find a trustworthy Plano garage door company:

  • As friends and family for recommendations: Your loved ones are the perfect source of solid information and suggestions about local garage door repair companies.
  • Investigate the Better Business Bureau website: The BBB, Angi, Trustpilot, and other well-known ratings websites can help narrow your options.
  • Consider their credentials: Ask about the company’s licensing, credentials, insurance, and bonding.

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Innovations in Garage Door Openers: Plano’s Path to Modernity

Garage door technology has come a long way since openers were first invented in 1926! Modern openers feature a number of upgrades and technological wonders that will enhance safety and make your life easier—not to mention the cool factor of a smart garage door opener!

Introducing New Garage Door Opener Technologies

Check out some of the must-have garage door opener technologies:

  • Rolling code technology: Savvy burglars have learned to crack garage door opener codes. A rolling code system provides a unique code each time you press the opener remote, ensuring you are the only person who can access your garage.
  • Battery backup: Losing power during a nasty storm is inconvenient, but with a battery backup, you can always access your garage with the garage door opener.
  • Smartphone connectivity: Many top garage door opener manufacturers provide users with an app to control their garage door.

carriage door garage

Door Dealer Education: Product Range

At Ben’s Garage Door, we offer a complete line of garage doors from some of the industry’s top names. Let us walk you through the various styles, colors, and materials to ensure you make an informed decision. Rest assured that when you leave our showroom, you will be thrilled with your choice and look forward to our top-quality installations.

Showcasing Residential Garage Doors: Plano’s Pride

In addition to the material and color, you must also consider the garage door style. Choosing the right style can truly make or break the look and flow of your property’s exterior. Here are a few popular styles to choose from:

  • Classic: The most popular, traditional choice features raised panels and smaller windows.
  • Contemporary: Flush panels and more subdued colors are the hallmarks of the modern style of garage doors.
  • Carriage house: Modeled after historic carriage houses, these doors work with almost any home style, from Ranch to the Mediterranean.

commercial garage door-3

Exploring Commercial Garage Door Options: Business Solutions

In addition to comprehensive residential garage door services, we proudly offer our commercial garage door clients the same level of service and customer satisfaction. Although many of the components are the same, there are several differences between commercial and residential garage doors:

  • Size: Commercial garage doors are typically more oversized. Larger windows are often used as a source of natural light inside commercial properties.
  • Materials: Unlike residential doors, made from wood, fiberglass, and various other materials, commercial doors are made exclusively of metal.
  • Cost: Commercial doors are typically far more expensive than residential doors.
  • Weight: Commercial doors are heavy metal and weigh far more than their residential counterparts.

The Journey to New Garage Doors: Choosing Your Perfect Fit in Plano

Choosing the perfect commercial or residential garage door starts with finding a great garage door company. At Ben’s Garage Door, we know we are your “perfect fit” because of our reasonable prices, attention to detail, and professionalism.

As a locally owned company that has proudly served Plano customers for years, we will continue to provide you with the same level of service you have come to expect.

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DIY Tips and Maintenance

Maintaining your garage door is a job best left to the professionals in most cases. However, there are some jobs you, as a homeowner, can tackle on your own. With the proper maintenance and regular repairs, you can greatly extend the lifespan and the functionality of your Plano garage door.

Solving All Your Garage Door Quirks: Handy Fixes for Homeowners

You’re a DIY master who regularly performs home maintenance and repairs. There are some garage door repairs and maintenance you can handle yourself, including:

  • Clean the door: Use a sponge and soapy water to clean the door’s exterior.
  • Lubricate moving parts: Lubricate every metal and moving parts, from the metal rollers to the springs and hinges. Do not apply lubricant to plastic or nylon rollers.
  • Maintain photo eye sensors: Wipe down the photo eye sensors with a clean cloth.
  • Maintain hardware: Clean the metal hardware with soapy water. Rinse the soap away, dry the hardware, and apply a layer of automotive paste wax.

Identifying Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs: A Quick Guide

You rely on your garage door to protect your belongings and family, and a massive part of ensuring your garage door is safe and functional is learning the signs of broken garage door springs. Here are some telltale signs your door springs have failed and need to be replaced ASAP:

  • The door feels heavy: If you cannot lift the door, it is a sign of broken springs, which help support the door’s weight.
  • A gap between the springs: The springs should be tight, and if there is any gap between them, they must be replaced.
  • The door sits crooked: If one spring fails, the corresponding door side will not be secure, causing the door to sit unevenly.

Preventing Garage Door Springs from Breaking: Maintenance Tips

Luckily, there are some things you can do as a homeowner to maintain your door springs, including:

  • Schedule regular maintenance: Schedule a yearly or bi-yearly maintenance appointment.
  • Lubricate the springs: Apply a thin layer of lubricant directly to the springs several times a year. Follow the directions on the lubricant and wipe away any excess.
  • Listen and look for signs of damage: Look for rust or noticeable gaps. Listen for a squeaking noise when the door opens and closes, indicating that the springs are failing.

Maintaining Your Garage Door and Opener: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

Your garage door opener is a lifesaver, and you couldn’t imagine your life without the convenience of simply pressing a button to open your door after a long day at work. As with every other garage door component, proper maintenance ensures your garage door opener is ready when needed.

Follow these simple tips to maintain your garage door opener expertly:

  • Don’t overuse the garage door opener: To prevent unnecessary wear and tear, avoid using your garage door opener several times a day.
  • Lubricate the tracks and rollers: Apply lubricant to metal tracks and rollers several times a year.
  • Clean and maintain the drive chain or belt: Use a damp rag to clean the metal or belt drive regularly. Apply lubricant regularly to a metal drive chain.

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Professional Help in Plano, TX

Hiring a professional, trusted Garage Door Repair Near Me is the first step in maintaining your Plano garage door. Unfortunately, garage door emergencies happen at the most inconvenient time, so we offer 24/7 expert assistance to all our commercial and residential customers. From a simple photo eye adjustment to a complete overhaul of your garage door system, we will perform any repairs or upgrades with lighting speed and efficiency.

Your Go-To Expert for Every Need

We don’t mean to brag, but if you ask any of our past customers, chances are they will tell you Ben’s Garage Door is the best garage door company in Plano, TX! The reasons are very simple – Our commitment to quality, affordability, and outstanding customer service. If you aren’t convinced, check out these Testimonials from our former satisfied customers!

Affordable Garage Door Repair: Quality Service Within Your Budget

Depending on several factors, the cost of your new garage doors can vary wildly. The first step in picking a reliable garage door is determining your budget. Include these factors when creating a budget for your new Plano overhead garage door:

  • Material quality: Wood and wood composite doors are among the most expensive. Single-layer steel and aluminum doors are more affordable.
  • Maintenance costs: Rember to factor in maintenance costs. For example, wood doors typically require more regular and extensive maintenance than steel, vinyl, or aluminum.
  • Warranty: Consider the extent and length of the warranty coverage.
  • Cost of garage door openers: Factor in the opener’s cost to your final price.

Don’t stress about the budget because our talented team of excellent garage door specialists will help you find an amazing garage door you can afford!

Garage Door Company vs. Garage Do Specialist: Making the Right Choice

Your goal is always to enjoy the benefits of a functional garage door without spending a small fortune. The best way to ensure quality service and affordable garage door repair is to hire a garage door specialist rather than a typical garage door company.

What is the difference? That’s simple! There are several things a qualified specialist can offer you that a run-of-the-mill, generic garage door company simply cannot, including:

  • An excellent reputation and experience: Choose a company that is respected in your community and has a reputation for outstanding customer service.
  • Quality recommendations: Work with a company that can provide several recommendations from past satisfied customers.
  • Access to quality parts and materials: Specialists can recommend quality components that fit your needs and budget.

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Why Choose Our Garage Door Service?

Our garage door service is heads above the rest, and you will notice the difference! With several five-star reviews across the internet and a reputation that precedes us, we should always be your first choice when you need a quality garage door repair or installation or are shopping for a new garage door opener.

Excellence in Garage Door Repairs: Why We Stand Out

We specialize in a multitude of garage door repairs. Our technicians have the skills and tools to quickly diagnose and resolve any functional issue, whether easy or complex. When your technician arrives at your house, you can expect quality and expertise that exceeds your expectations.

Garage Door Services: A Testament to Our Commitment and Expertise

As premier Garage Door Repair Services in DFW, we have hundreds of satisfied customers across Texas for several good reasons. In addition to repairs and installation, we offer comprehensive maintenance plans that ensure your garage door and garage door opener are working perfectly today and in the future.

We recommend scheduling an annual maintenance and inspection appointment. During this appointment, your technician will perform several steps, from inspecting each component to lubricating moving parts and making necessary repairs.

Garage Door Companies in Plano: What Sets Us Apart

Now that you are an educated homeowner with the knowledge and expertise required to make a truly informed decision about maintaining your garage door, it is time to contact the best garage door company in Plano. You could spend hours researching Plano overhead garage door repair and installation companies, save time, frustration, and headaches, and hire the team from Ben’s Garage Door.

You already know what sets our talented team of technicians apart from the other garage door companies in and around Collin County! What are you waiting for? If you are ready to install a new garage door or opener, tackle those repairs you’ve been putting off, or schedule yearly maintenance, contact us today.

We have several Special Offers available to our clients, too!

Elevating Your Garage Door Experience in Plano: Our Promise and Your Satisfaction

Many homeowners don’t even think about their garage door until there is a problem. Having a functional garage door is necessary, and we take your garage door’s care, installation, and maintenance very seriously. When you place a service call with Ben’s Garage Door, you can expect a technician to arrive at your door ready to work promptly.

We offer comprehensive services, from complete garage door installation to repairs and preventative maintenance. We serve our wonderful residential and commercial customers and pride ourselves on providing outstanding service within your budget.

Whether you need a new set of torsion springs, a damaged track repair, the installation of an entirely new garage door system, or Garage Door Opener Repairs, you can sleep well at night knowing that you hired the best garage door company in Plano, Texas!

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What to Do When Your Garage Door Opener Fails?

The first step is not to panic and consider some simple fixes before calling a professional. Follow these tips to troubleshoot your malfunctioning garage door opener:

  • Check the batteries: Always ensure you have a fresh set of batteries in your garage door remote.
  • Check the breaker: If the wall-mounted controls aren’t working, ensure the system has power.
  • Ensure you are in range: Most garage door opener remotes range between 50 and 100 feet.

If you’ve tried all these options and your garage door opener is still not working, call us to discuss your options. We offer a complete line of New LiftMaster Openers.

How Often Should Residential Garage Doors Receive Maintenance?

We recommend having your garage door serviced at least once to twice yearly. The number of times you require regular maintenance depends upon the garage door system’s age and condition. Newer, fully functioning garage doors that are well-maintained often only need to be inspected and serviced once a year.

However, a biannual maintenance appointment is often necessary if your garage door and opener are older and you’ve had several problems. You can avoid this extra appointment and the expense by upgrading your older, outdated garage door and opener with a newer model!

Why Choose a Garage Door Repair Company in Plano?

The installation and maintenance of a Plano overhead garage door is something you should leave to the professionals. In addition to having the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to do the job right, there are several other reasons you should leave garage door repairs to the professionals, including:

  • Professionals guarantee quality results every time.
  • Professionals ensure a safe job site.
  • Professionals have access to brands and parts not available to the general public.
  • Professionals are fast, efficient, and effective.

Reviews of Our Garage Door Repair Plano, TX

personaThe best garage door company in Plano!

“I keep telling my friends and family Ben’s Garage Door is the best garage door company in Plano, and I have proof! When my two garage doors failed last spring, I contacted several companies, including Veteran Garage Door Repair and Action Garage Door. Their prices were too high, so I called Ben’s. The technician arrived, and I knew this company was different. Thanks, Ben’s, for providing me with amazing service!”

personaThey carry top-quality garage doors!

“Ben’s promises award-winning customer service, and they deliver! I’ve worked with other companies, including Family Christian Doors, but none provide the same level of expertise as Ben’s. The technician provided quick service at a reasonable price. I continue to be impressed with the finished results!”

personaA Plano garage door repair I can trust!

“Ben’s offers same-day repairs and excellent service, which was a lifesaver when broken cables kept my car trapped inside the garage. The technician arrived in a timely manner. I am thrilled with the service Ben’s provided and will continue to recommend this garage door repair company to all my friends.”

personaFantastic job replacing the broken garage door spring!

“I know a broken torsion spring is a serious issue and a major safety concern. Ben’s Garage Door arrived at my door with a replacement spring. The job was done within a matter of hours, and my garage door works great! I feel much safer knowing Ben’s has got my back.”

personaThey replaced two broken springs on my garage door quickly!

“Both springs on my garage door broke within a matter of days. I needed to get my car back into the garage, and all the other companies I contacted couldn’t help. Ben’s Garage Door understood my needs and a technician came right away and replaced both springs!”

Picture of Ben T.

Ben T.

Ben T. is a highly experienced garage door technician with 20 years in the field, leading a nationwide team, servicing Texas.
Known for expert installations and repairs, his work sets industry standards and ensures customer satisfaction.

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